Creating Sustainable Business Models for Stakeholders Across the Telematics Ecosystem

Telematics Billing and Mediation Solution

The telematics sector is poised for tremendous growth and transformation, with several factors leading the charge.  Driven largely by increasing demand from customers for new connected services, insurance companies looking for usage based insurance solutions, and government agencies desiring cost effective technology to help improve traffic management and taxation for road usage, Telematics service providers, automotive companies and Telecommunications providers need solutions that can help solve some of the largest challenges being facing the industry.

The inability of large automotive companies to build up direct, long-term customer relationships through vehicle sales has long been a major hurdle in telematics adaptation.  Coupled with Telecommunications companies’ desires to leverage their investments in existing billing solutions and telematics service providers lacking sophisticated usage based billing and subscription billing capability presents a unique opportunity for billing alliances to help move the industry forward.

Telematics Services Include

Safety & Security

Makes driving safer by reporting on driving habits, tracking potential risk events, enabling roadside assistance, crash alerts, etc.


Proactively monitor vehicles to detect defective systems to schedule appointments, save time, money and lives

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

Allows automobiles to broadcast their position, speed, steering-wheel position, brake status and other data to vehicles within a few hundred meters

Usage Based Insurance

Pay as you drive or pay how you drive in which insurance premiums are calculated based on distance, time, vehicle, location and behaviour

Electronic Road Toll Collection

Eliminates the delay in collecting toll road usage and can perform entitlement controls and billing in real time

Smart Parking

For residents in urban centers, hotels, stadiums, etc. who typically experience trouble in finding metered parking spots and frequently are without change

LogiSense Telematics Billing

Most automotive companies, insurance firms and government agencies lack the core competencies required to manage these types of models.  With the LogiSense Telematics Billing solution, we enable our customers to bill for, or on behalf of, any type of subscription, one time sale and pay-per-use service in real time.

Key Attributes

  • Self-serve care allows customers to monitor service usage, receive service level alerts, compare offers and better manage costs 
  • Flexible business models include support for postpaid, prepaid, one-time & recurring subscriptions and consumption based billing models 
  • Accurate real time billing  increases visibility into all transactions per device, with display on the invoice or self service portals, giving customers all the information they need in a clear and transparent manner 
  • Ecosystem enablement allows service providers without Billing-as-a-Service capabilities to convert their existing billing investments into a revenue center geared towards end customer billing for telematics services


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