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Let LogiSense Billing help you configure subscriptions, whatever the pricing, currency or conditions.

Billing Beyond The Basics

It’s a whole new world: new businesses, new products. Subscription and usage-based pricing models need to adapt. That’s where LogiSense comes in. LogiSense Billing goes beyond basic subscription scenarios to provide monetization as innovative as today’s services. Real-time data pricing, bundling, sharing, and tiering. Nothing’s new to us.

Automation, advanced pricing, and multi-currency

LogiSense Billing automates and improves the subscription billing process. LogiSense’s platform eliminates costly human error, accommodates innovative pricing models, and helps you grow your business by catering to a variety of currencies.

Subscription automation

Why risk error by manual processing when launching product subscriptions? LogiSense’s automated recurring billing logic eliminates inefficiencies and streamlines the subscriber lifecycle.
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Advanced pricing models

Creative pricing models need creative billing solutions. LogiSense’s platform is a jack-of-all-trades; whatever your model, LogiSense Billing can handle it.
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"Multi" is the operative word. LogiSense’s platform can accommodate a wide selection of currencies. It also has multiple features, like a default currency, should none be provided, and a rate group system to help you set rates in different currencies.
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Usage + Subscriptions

Amplify the returns on your subscriptions by offering customizable usage-based billing to any plan or pricing. Subscriptions are good. Subscriptions plus usage are way better.
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Stop churn before it starts

Stop revenue loss by giving your customers exactly what they want: flexibility. LogiSense’s enterprise billing platform helps you minimize churn by giving you the power to offer unmatched optionality to your customers. We can handle any pricing structure with any rules or exceptions and any usage add-ons, so you can offer your customers plans that better suit their needs — whatever they may be.

How did Garmin Solve Churn?

Sarah Kramlich (Garmin) sits down with Igor Stenmark of MGI Research to discuss monetization strategies to reduce customer churn during the pandemic.

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