Maximize Recurring Revenue

Subscription Billing

Subscription billing models enable organizations to transform from a one-time selling model to one that generates predictable recurring revenue and provides the end customer with more value for their money.

Bundling hardware, software, maintenance and installation improves your margins.  Pricing then becomes a function of the value of the solution being provided and not simply the underlying and diminishing product cost, protecting you against commoditizing your products.

Additionally, subscription billing extends a one-time transaction into a long-term customer relationship, increasing the potential to drive further sales. While this will be beneficial to the company’s bottom line, it also will impact the back office system, and to a larger extent, the corporate culture of enterprise organizations.

Enterprises, with a vast array of offerings need a way to converge business models onto a single platform that is capable of supporting the value each product or service provides to the end customer.

LogiSense provides the flexibility for the most innovative and aggressive marketing plans. It allows service providers to add value for the organization as well as consumers.

Combine Subscription with Other Monetization Models

Add subscription billing with usage-based and other business models for any service, over any medium, for any type of customer. Gain multiple ways to support billing management for product-as-a-service subscription and recurring models to gain long-term, predictable revenue streams.

Scale for Any Service or Product

Easily adjust from current models to scale for any new service with our complete all-in-one billing solution. Gain significant competitive advantages by staying ahead of market demands with flexible monetization capabilities.

Be Competitive with Creative Customer Offerings

Get complete agility in usage rating, monetization and subscriber management. Be responsive with pricing, packaging, bundling and promotions to align with changing consumer demands. Offer pre-paid or post-paid models, create and provision services for bundled, a-la-carte or freemium (trial-based).

Simplify Backend Complexities

Automate and optimize backend systems and processes to efficiently support agile business models. Leverage this simplification to make improvements to the end-customer experience for reducing churn and maximizing revenue opportunities.

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