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Product and Pricing

Connected products are allowing enterprises to transform from one-time selling models to models that generate predictable recurring revenue, while providing more monetary value to the end customer.

With such a broad array of services at their fingertips, service providers must now determine if their existing back office systems can implement the most efficient pricing models matched with the optimal customer experience necessary to succeed in this expanding marketplace.

The progression from simple subsidies and consumer payment of flat subscriptions to more sophisticated bundles of services and models in underway.

The LogiSense solution provides a flexible set of subscription, one-time and usage based billing models for any conceivable product or service.

Recurring Subscriptions

LogiSense helps service providers transform their businesses by realizing the benefits of selling their “Products-as-a-Service”.  LogiSense provides the tools necessary to go to market with any mix of tiered subscription plans on a month-to-month, yearly, or any frequency you desire basis so that you may begin generating predictable revenue streams immediately.

One Time Charges

LogiSense provides the key to collecting incremental revenue from a premium service added to products you are already selling. The LogiSense solution offers a straightforward way to add one time charges on top of existing bundled subscriptions to further enhance your offering.

Pay as you go

Do you have services that can be effectively metered?  LogiSense can help your organization combine Pay as you Go pricing with Subscription billing.

Real Time Rating

Leverage the LogiSense award-winning rating engine to further differentiate and roll out new usage based services to further complement your subscription offerings.

Subscriber Lifecycle Management

LogiSense can help  automate all critical customer lifetime touchpoints – from new customer onboarding, notifications about service usage, payment notifications and dunning rules.

Leverage our workflow engine to build in and customize your own touch points with other systems.

Subscriber Incentives

LogiSense provides the agility necessary to motivate customers to sign on quickly with the ability to configure discounts, promo codes, freemium solutions, and trial periods at both the SKU and the individual customer level.

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