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Personalized Billing

What we have known as the traditional business model with a traditional customer relationship is evolving – the days of designing, marketing, and selling a product as a one-time sale is diminishing. Customers are demanding a greater experience from the products they buy and whom they buy it from.

In today’s digital world, flat rate or subscription billing systems can leave customers feeling cheated and frustrated – either because they’ve paid for more than they need, or because they want better or more specialized services than what a simple flat rate system can provide.

Many companies are leaving money on the table by not having the usage rating and billing flexibility necessary to create customer centric products and services in order to meet customer demands for a better experience, more services and more flexibly in usage.

Improve the Customer Value Proposition

Digital services are inherently dependent on usage, which poses a problem for traditional subscription only billing systems.  LogiSense dynamically converges subscription-based and usage-based billing models in order for businesses to respond quickly to changes in customer demand and support tomorrow’s business needs today.

Shorten Sales Cycles

Provide your sales teams with the tools they need to modify existing offers or create new packages that are tailored to the specific needs of your enterprise customers.  Whether Sales wants to provide discounts, volumes, price overrides, additional features or personalized usage allowances – now they can create compelling offers that help you capture additional market share faster.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Meet the needs and desires of your customers with a customer centric approach to designing your offerings. With LogiSense you can provide customers with offers that are aligned with the perceived value of your company’s products and services, while ensuring that the billing for personalized solutions is performed error free, reducing the need for customer inquiries.

Deliver Custom Offers at Scale

Replace out-dated manual processes that are scattered across multiple disparate systems with automated order to cash processes with the click of a button. The LogiSense solution provides a fully integrated, end-to-end digital subscriber experience across all channels.

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