Extracting Maximum Value for Today’s Business

Outcome Pricing

Many industries, including manufacturing, insurance and aviation, are embracing an emerging outcome-based business model, where customers only pay for quantifiable results. From Safe Driving/Less Accidents, to a lower carbon footprint, outcome based billing models help build lasting partnerships with the highest possible business impact.

LogiSense provides the flexibility to develop outcome-based pricing plans based on the business outcomes you desire and the results your customers expect.

Pricing Agility

In today’s marketplace customers want a reliable, seamless and fair way to pay for all types of products and services. Whether your product or service fits the one-time selling model, a subscription-based recurring model, or a pay-as-you-go model, LogiSense enables you to mix, match and converge business models in order to support the value each device provides to the end customer.

Evolving Business Strategies

The digital transformation brought on by the cloud and software-as-a-service has caused most businesses to re-evaluate how they sell products and services. As this digitization infiltrates business strategy the traditional one-time selling models of yesteryear are falling to the wayside and new models are emerging.

Bring Greater Value to Everyone

Today’s buyers and sellers are looking to extract maximum value from their products and services. Based on value and end results, outcome-based pricing is an innovative approach to pricing that stands out as a key differentiator for today’s sellers of products and services.  However, implementing this can be highly complex as companies are working with a combination of products and services that work together to produce an outcome.  The end goal for both buyers and sellers is the same – an optimized outcome.  This mutually beneficial outcome will likely produce the largest business impact with respect to a long-term recurring relationship that is established between both parties.

Adding Value Through Usage

Enterprises are looking at today’s technology as the means to help them grow their business by creating deeper, longer-term relationships between the customer and the brand. LogiSense enables service providers to apply usage-based billing and rating in combination with subscription-based billing in order to develop a myriad of different pricing options.

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