LogiSense Platform Drives Operational Efficiency for iCore Network's Hosted VoIP Services


LogiSense Billing platform delivers optimized and simplified service provisioning, rating, and billing for hosted VoIP solutions

LogiSense Corporation, a leading provider of IP network service management products for service providers, today announced that iCore Networks of McLean, Va. has successfully deployed LogiSense Billing, the company's secure hosted Voice-Over IP (VoIP) billing, rating, provisioning and operations support management platform.

LogiSense has demonstrated a high degree of experience and commitment to our billing and operational needs. As a fast-growing business, we needed a scalable, secure and feature-rich application to maximize our operational efficiencies. LogiSense Billing has positively impacted nearly all areas of our business process and bottom-line results.
Stephen G. Canton – Chairman and CEO, iCore Networks

The LogiSense Billing platform is being used to service catalogue, rate, bill and provision iCore’s highly customized VoIP services and end users with synchronization and revenue assurance capabilities. The LogiSense platform is tightly integrated with iCore Networks’ BroadSoft M6 Communication Applications Server to further increase efficiencies and automation with the provisioning of subscriber services and to provide real-time usage reporting. iCore Networks leverages BroadSoft’s M6 platform to provide advanced VoIP and multimedia applications to its business customers.

LogiSense brings tremendous value to our service provider customers by helping them streamline the back office. LogiSense's Billing platform provides a complete and secure bill processing and order management solution for iCore’s M6-powered Hosted Business VoIP offering.
Sara Hughes – Senior Director of Product Marketing, BroadSoft
LogiSense has worked closely with iCore to identify areas where our billing and OSS technology could offer clear and present operational advantages. When customers leverage our years of experience and highly-advanced technology platform they are saving money and improving their customers’ experience by offering services that are easy to deploy and support. We’re pleased to have the addition of iCore to our roster of happy customers.
Flavio Gomes – CEO, LogiSense

About LogiSense

LogiSense provides licensed and Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) usage rating, mediation and subscription billing solutions for the Internet of Things, Telecommunications, Unified Communications and Enterprise service providers. LogiSense’s carrier-grade solutions are built on its proprietary, real-time usage rating and subscription billing platform. LogiSense designed the platform from the ground-up to be service, medium and provider agnostic, enabling it to grow with customers as they evolve their business operations and end user offerings. LogiSense Billing provides the flexibility and scalability to address the service, billing and back-office realities facing today’s rapidly-evolving communications service providers. Founded in 1998, LogiSense currently enables service provides across the globe with a platform that processes billions of usage events, and subscriptions per month. More info: www.logisense.com | Twitter: @LogiSense | Linkedin: LogiSense on Linkedin

About iCore Networks

iCore Networks provides advanced application services focused on businesses communications needs using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. iCore enables organizations to have access to services and capabilities previously out of reach for most businesses. With hosted VoIP, businesses become more competitive, improve employee productivity, and save on both monthly telecommunications costs and capital costs. For more information, visit www.icore.com.