LogiSense Launches Commission Module for Rating and Subscription Billing Solution


Technology automates manual processes and ensures greater accuracy on commission calculations

LogiSense, a global provider of Rating and Billing software, services, and solutions to the Telecommunications, Hosted Communications, Convergent, and Broadband industries today announced the addition of a Commission Module that enables service providers to accurately report on and disburse commissions earned on services sold by their agents and inside sales staff. The new module complements LogiSense’s existing IP Rating and Billing platform offering to address the unique commission hierarchy requirements of its customers.

LogiSense Billing Commission Module enables customers to create rules such as commission type, calculation type (percent / flat), commission rate; occurrences; and volumes based on their business processes; enable commission splits between multiple agents or sales force personnel; assign commission rules to one or more services; enforce a common approach to administering compensation programs; increase flexibility and accuracy of commission calculations on new services and marketing initiatives for sales opportunities.

Enabling flexible and highly manageable sales incentives is a profoundly important contributor to the success of rapidly growing operations. The LogiSense Commission Module is a key driver in automating, optimizing and simplifying revenue generating activities..
Flavio Gomes – CEO, LogiSense

The tracking, calculating, controlling, and administering of commissions can be both time consuming and error prone. Over or under payments often occur leading to sales force friction and reduced moral. With the Commission Module for Billing & OSS, Service Providers are now equipped with a flexible, accurate and highly manageable solution to address these concerns.

About LogiSense

LogiSense provides licensed and Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) usage rating, mediation and subscription billing solutions for the Internet of Things, Telecommunications, Unified Communications and Enterprise service providers. LogiSense’s carrier-grade solutions are built on its proprietary, real-time usage rating and subscription billing platform. LogiSense designed the platform from the ground-up to be service, medium and provider agnostic, enabling it to grow with customers as they evolve their business operations and end user offerings. LogiSense Billing provides the flexibility and scalability to address the service, billing and back-office realities facing today’s rapidly-evolving communications service providers. Founded in 1998, LogiSense currently enables service provides across the globe with a platform that processes billions of usage events, and subscriptions per month. More info: www.logisense.com | Twitter: @LogiSense | Linkedin: LogiSense on Linkedin