LogiSense Billing Introduction

LogiSense Billing is a flexible real-time usage rating and billing platform that enables service providers to connect users, devices, systems or machines. It provides a rich and versatile set of features that provide value added functionality to our customers.

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The intended audiences for this content are Product Managers, Technology assessors, billing operators, service providers and content providers who need a high level overview and feature set description of the LogiSense Usage Rating and Billing platform provided by LogiSense.A functional overview is provided of the various blocks that comprise the LogiSense Billing solution followed by a detailed deep dive into each module. This content is limited to describing the current product and is not intended to be a configuration or training guide on the system.

A flexible usage rating engine such as LogiSense Billing provides the following features:

  • Flexible subscription pricing including recurring charges, one time charges, state based pricing and multi-currency support
  • Easy creation of highly complex usage pricing including rate groups, rate plans, usage based tiered pricing, conditional rates and share plans
  • Support for frequent and rapid change of rate plans, which is critical in competitive pricing scenarios.
  • Complete customization and personalization of all pricing at an account level including the creation of account price plans
  • Ability to handle large volumes of data through mechanisms for scaling horizontally and vertically
  • Real time processing of call detail records (CDRs), event detail records (EDRs) or usage detail records (UDRs). These records can pull from network sources or pushed programmatically or via file based mechanisms to the rating engine
  • Contract Management at an account level with provisions for variable contract terms, ramp up schedules, price and usage based contracts and enforcement of early termination penalties
  • Powerful and customizable reporting, dashboards and analytics that can provide value added insights into the business

Service providers (regardless of what solutions they offer over what medium) are facing intense competitive pressures to roll out new services quickly, price them competitively and offer new types of bundles and pricing tiers that make sense for today’s consumer. LogiSense offers a powerful usage rating engine at its core which in turn provides the flexibility and extensibility Service Providers need to be competitive in today's Usage Economy.

This content provides an overview of the architecture and the features available within LogiSense Billing. The billing platform is designed to eliminate complexity with straight-forward, streamlined, fully-automated and seamlessly integrated solutions that break down the barriers of back office complexity; making it simple to quickly and easily create and deploy personalized services.