Business Owners

LogiSense Billing is a multi-tenant system and supports a hierarchical tree like structure for tenant management. Each tenant is represented as an owner within the system. Every owner can have unique visual branding associated with it. The admin portal will switch branding when the admin navigates to the new owner.

Every owner has its own setup tab and can set up its own product catalog, accounts, invoicing, operational settings etc. Each owner can have its own hierarchical account structure with accounts and subaccounts. There are multiple ways in which companies can set up a multi-owner tree. For example, a global enterprise might want to set up each site as separate child owners all reporting into the top level owner. Each site’s customers are setup as accounts under that site.

Another scenario is a Bill on Behalf configuration where a reseller purchases products and services from the wholesaler at "wholesale" prices and then sells these services to it's end customers at a markup. A reseller thus becomes a channel partner to the wholesaler and offers those products and services to their end customers. The owner structure can be used to manage wholesaler reseller relationships.

Financial settings and regional settings are associated with the owner. Each owner can have its own financial periods and support its own set of currencies and jurisdictions. Most of the entities described in the rest of this content are typically tied to a given owner. The system is designed to securely partition data between owners to meet enterprise grade data sovereignty and privacy requirements.