Charts & Dashboards

It is possible to embed charts into reports and add them to dashboards. The report builder provides options for charting data present in the underlying data sources. These charts can be embedded within a report or added to the dashboard. Various types of common charts are supported including pie chart, line chart and bar chart. Charting related attributes can be customized per chart including the chart title, data series, chart legend and tooltips.


A dashboard is a set of widgets that provide a graphical representation of the data in the system. The system will ship with a predefined list of dashboard widgets. The user can define an MxN grid layout for their dashboard and select the widgets that are to appear on the grid.

Screen Shot

The widgets that appear on a dashboard can be set up per role. Each login user will view the set of dashboards that were customized to them. Role permissions will also be added for the widgets to ensure that only widgets that are applicable to a given role can be added to that dashboard.

The following types of dashboards ship with the system:

Planned vs Actual UsageVisibility into how much usage was provisioned for the accounts vs what has been actually used
High Consumption AccountsVisibility into which accounts are the highest or lowest consumers of usage
State Based StatusShow accounts with the highest (or lowest) usage
Revenue HistoryA historical view of total revenue for the tenant over time