API Platform

LogiSense Billing has an API first architecture. All functionality has been built on top of a powerful RESTful interface. The APIs that power the system are also exposed externally. This allows 3rd party developers to integrate their applications with the platform or build extensions to the platform. For example, a customer may need to integrate their customer portal with the LogiSense Billing system. They can leverage the platform account management and product catalog APIs to access account and subscription related functionality from the billing system and expose this through their portal. CRUD access to the API is secure and role based access control is in place to prevent unauthorized use of the APIs.

All API calls initiated in the system are logged and call details can be viewed in the operations panel.

Screen Shot

Transactional processing can be performed via Data Flows. Data Flows allow you to chain multiple API calls together to perform more complex processing and to handle import and export operations.