Rating & Mediation

The rating and mediation services are responsible for all areas related to processing and charging usage records; this includes mediating the usage feeds as they arrive, generating the appropriate unique usage identifier and transformed record and finally rating and aggregating the data to determine the appropriate charge. The LogiSense Rating Engine is built on a distributed and scalable queuing architecture that is optimized for performance. Small database table sizes lead to less fragmentation and fast access times.

Rating Diagram

All queries are indexed to speed up search times. Inline data generated during processing is cached in order to provide increased performance while rating. The rating engine is designed to parallelize UDR processing. The goal is to distribute the UDR load across multiple queues to keep each rating worker thread busy while efficiently optimizing cache usage. The rating process uses a sophisticated load balancing algorithm to distribute messages across multiple queues. The scheduling algorithms will increase or decrease the number of queues on demand based on usage data throughput.