Web Client

Like many enterprise grade SaaS platforms, EngageIP10 supports a client server architecture. The illustration below provides a logical view of the system.

Logical Architecture

The EngageIP client is Windows IIS based and hosts the admin and customer portals. The admin portal is the interface through which an administrator configures the EngageIP system, creates their catalog offerings and pricing and administers customer accounts. EngageIP provides a set of widgets and payment pages to assist customers in implementing their own portals. The hosted payment pages in particular are useful for those customers who need to offer payment functionality via their self service portals but want to offload the burden of PCI compliance to LogiSense.

The server is partitioned into a set of micro-services representing the various logical pieces from rating and mediation to billing and invoicing. This model is extremely scalable as each micro service can replicate itself to handle larger throughputs. This model also scales well vertically as it introduces the possibility of deploying services in their own virtual environment to avoid resource contention.

EngageIP also integrates with 3rd party software through protocol and API methods. These include tools for provisioning, data flows for data migration and REST APIs to access core functionality in the product. All APIs are secured via JWT tokens and require role based authentication.