Adjunct Rating & Charging

An adjunct rating and charging solution is provided for those customers who have existing infrastructure in place and are not able to deploy the complete solution. There are several motivating factors for this:


A customer may be constrained by budget and cash flow constraints and may not be able to deploy the complete LogiSense platform

Competitive Pressures

A customer may need to get up and running quickly in order to compete effectively. The adjunct solution addresses the time to market issue by providing a subset that can be deployed more quickly

Billing System Limitations

The customer may already have an existing billing solution but there are gaps in their current offering that need to be addressed. For example, the solution may not have a flexible usage rating engine. The LogiSense adjunct solution can address these needs by supplementing their existing solution with the pieces that are required. Even if the customer may eventually decide to migrate to the LogiSense platform, this approach allows them to address time to market issues by addressing their feature gaps in the short term with the adjunct solution.