Windows and SQL Server Upgrade Strategy

The most recent official version of Windows Server is Windows Server 2016. The most recent version of SQL is SQL Server 2017. LogiSense will typically host customers on the Standard Editions of Windows Server and SQL Server. Larger Enterprise customers (subject to an additional surcharge) may be hosted on SQL Server Enterprise based on their requirements and scale.

LogiSense will formally support new versions of Windows Server and SQL Server within a 12-month timeframe after the official release. An official release date is considered to be the date at which the new edition becomes generally available for adoption in a non Beta form. Following the release of a new version of Windows and SQL Server, LogiSense will initiate a test cycle on the release to ensure that there are no regressions resulting from the new version of software.

If issues are found, LogiSense will undertake the necessary fixes to the platform to support the new versions. The fixes and official support for the new versions will be delivered via a major release of the software. In the extremely unlikely event of a new edition causing major disruptions to the software, LogiSense may decide to not formally support that new edition and this information will be communicated to our customers through the account teams.

LogiSense may deprecate support for older versions of Windows Server and SQL Server from time to time. Once a version of SQL Server or Windows OS is not officially supported by Microsoft, LogiSense will officially discontinue support for that version. LogiSense may also discontinue support for older versions that are still supported by Microsoft. This determination is made when it is no longer technically or operationally feasible to support them.

For our Hosted customers, the LogiSense team will take care of updates to new versions of Windows Server and SQL Server and no action is required on their end. Customers who host our software on premise will need to ensure that are only using one of the supported versions of SQL and Windows Server. LogiSense is not responsible for any disruptions or issues that might result in using unsupported versions of the OS or SQL Server.