Multi-Node Deployment

The figure below illustrates a deployment with active standby redundancy. As illustrated in the figure, multiple redundant app and web server virtual machines are deployed. If the App Server in Zone 1 crashes, the App Server in Zone 2 will take over. Likewise, if the Web Server in Zone 1 crashes, the Web Server in Zone 2 will take over. If desired, up to ā€˜Nā€™ redundant nodes can be setup depending on desired level of uptime and availability.

This multi-zone deployment can be setup in either an Active-Standby or Active-Active configuration.

Multiple nodes

However, adding additional nodes will increase complexity and overhead especially if those are set up on the same box. Please consult your LogiSense solutions consultant for specific guidelines on how many redundant nodes are sufficient for your needs. Multiple databases are set up as part of a SQL Server cluster in order to support Database level redundancy. SQL Server clusters can be virtualized; please consult your Microsoft SQL documentation for best practices with regards to SQL server clustering and virtualization.