Making a Payment

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The Make Payment action will process the payment through a payment gateway (i.e. apply a charge to a credit card or a debit to a bank account). If you do not wish to apply a payment to a credit card / bank account then you can use the (emoji) button to record a payment instead.

  1. Under the Payments heading on the left, click the(emoji) icon

  2. On the Select Payment modal that loads choose a payment method setup on the account or select the ‘One-Time Payment’ option to provide payment details that are not currently configured on the account

  3. For One-Time Payments specify the Payment Type and the details for that payment type (card number/ routing number, etc.)

  4. Enter the payment Amount, Posting Date and optionally the Detail to specify what the payment relates to

  5. Select the Automatic Disbursement option if you want the payment to be automatically applied to unpaid invoices on the account

  6. Click Pay Now to submit the payment to the payment gateway

If the payment is processed successfully through the gateway the payment will appear on the Payments list.