Password Policy Example

Last Updated: Thu Nov 04 2021


This guide covers how to modify the password policy configured under an Owner. The rules set in the policy define user password requirements to log into the LogiSense Billing application (the password length, characters that are permitted/required within the password). Related settings such as how long user accounts are locked out after entering an incorrect password too many times and how often passwords need to be reset are also defined under the password policy.

For additional details on the fields presented on this screen see the Owner Configuration Screen screen help guide.


  • Password policies can be setup immediately, there are no prerequisite configuration steps

Sample Configuration

  1. Log into your LogiSense Billing application

  2. Click on the Setup menu, Users & Accounts and then Owners

  3. On the owner screen that loads click on the Password Policy tab on the left

  4. Adjust the password policy as needed. For example, you could set passwords to expire every quarter and adjust the ‘Reset Period Length’ (lockout after too many failed logins) to 10 minutes. The image below shows these sample adjustments

  5. When you have finished making adjustments to the policy click Save to commit your changes


When setting a password on a user the system will adhere to the policy you have defined.

Next Steps

  • Owner Configuration Optional Steps:

    • Optional: Branding the UI with your company logos can be performed next, see the Branding Example article for instructions. This step is not an essential base configuration step and can be performed at a later time if desired

    • Optional: you can define custom invoice and credit note numbering schemes if desired. See the Automatic Naming Example article for instructions

    • Optional: if you need to translate product names on invoices you can configure translations on locales now or at a later time. See the Locales Configuration Example for a sample configuration

    • Optional: if you wish to define custom payment types you can do so now or at a later date. See the Payment Types Configuration Example for instructions on how to add a payment type

    • Optional: if you need to integrate the LogiSense Billing application with an external payment gateway you can do so now or at a later time. See the Payment Gateway Example for instructions on how to configure a gateway

  • SMTP Settings Optional Steps:

    • Optional: SMTP settings allow the system to send emails. New users cannot be emailed with a link to setup their passwords until SMTP settings are configured. This step does not need to be completed until you are ready to setup new users. See the SMTP Settings Configuration Example for instructions on how to setup and test SMTP Settings

  • Users and Roles Optional Steps:

    • Optional: Users and roles define who can access the system and what they can access. See the Role Group Configuration Example article as a starting point for setting up users and roles

  • Account Settings Required Steps:

    • Account types, statuses and contacts need to be configured before proceeding to other required steps. See the Account Types Configuration Example article to start setting up the required account settings