Billing an Account Example

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2020


In this example we will bill a child account (see the Child Account Creation Example guide) using the package that was added in the Account Package Configuration Example guide. Since we set the child account to invoice to the parent account we should see a new invoice generated under the parent account when the billing is complete.

If you did not create a child account you can simply bill any parent account with an active account-package on it.

For additional details on the fields presented on the Account Packages screen see the Account Packages screen help.


  • In order to bill the account you need to have at least one package in an active status added to the account. See the Account Package Configuration Example guide for instructions on adding a package to an account

  • A bill run must be configured and set to bill packages and generate an invoice. See the Bill Run Configuration Example article for an example of how to setup a bill run


  1. Log into the LogiSense Billing application

  2. In the search box at the top of the page, set the Search Filter to Account and then enter the name of the child account we created in Child Account Creation Example or another account you wish to bill. Select the account from the list and then click the arrow button to go load the account's Overview page

  3. Click on the Profile menu option

  4. On the Account Package screen make note of the Next Bill Date and then click the (emoji) button to bill the account

  5. On the pop-up that appears specify the Bill Run configuration to use to bill this account and then select the Schedule Now option

    Note: the ‘Next Bill Date’ on your package needs to fall within the Billing Period Start and Billing Period End dates on the Bill Account modal shown in the image above. If the dates don’t cover the package’s next bill date then you will have to modify the bill run configuration under the setup menu so that it encompasses the next bill day of the package

  6. Click the Run button

  7. You will see a pop up notice saying the bill run is scheduled to run in the top right of the page


After the bill run completes the options configured in the bill run should take effect (bill packages, generate an invoice, etc.). To validate this:

  1. Check the Next Bill Date on the package billed. They should be updated to their next billing date (a month forward in this case for a monthly package)

  2. Check to see if an invoice was created by loading the account configured to be invoiced (the parent account in this example). This can be done by clicking on the account name in the breadcrumb

  3. Next click the Billing menu

  4. The first screen you’ll see is the Invoices screen where the newly created invoice should be displayed. Click on the invoice to bring up the list of transactions that were attached to it from the bill run

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