Adding/Removing Usage Buckets on Services

Last Updated: Aug 06, 2020

Adding Usage Buckets

  1. Add a new service or select the service you wish add usage buckets to in the Services panel on the left

  2. In the Add/Edit Service panel on the right click the Usage Buckets tab

  3. In the Usage Bucket field type to search for the bucket that you wish to add to the service

  4. Additional Usage Bucket fields will appear as you select buckets allowing you to select multiple buckets to add at once if desired

  5. When you have selected the buckets you wish to add to the service click the + Add button

  6. The buckets you selected will be listed on the Usage Buckets tab, click Save to commit the changes and add the bucket(s) to the service

Removing Usage Buckets

  1. Select the service you wish to remove the usage bucket from

  2. In the Edit Service panel on the right select the Usage Buckets tab

  3. Mark the bucket for removal by clicking the  button to the right and then click the (emoji) button

  4. The bucket will be removed from the service as soon as you click Save