Configuring One Time Charges

Last Updated: Aug 06, 2020
  1. Under the Packages heading on the left select the package frequency you wish to configure

  2. Under the Edit Package Frequency heading on the right click on the One Time tab

  3. Select the currency you wish to configure one-time charges for. Note: you are not required to add the fees to each currency enabled on the package frequency, if you wish to add one-time fees for specific currencies only you may do so

  4. To add the one-time charge click on the (emoji) icon displayed to the right of the Custom Fields tab

  5. On the Add Transition modal that appears populate the following details:

    • Service: the service that will generate the charge when it transitions

    • Service Transition: the service transition that is taking place (e.g. activation if the one time charge you are adding is an activation fee)

    • Charge Service: the service that the charge will be applied to (only services with a service type base type value of 'Fee' will appear in this list)

    • Amount: the one time charge amount. Depending on the service selected in the prior field this value may or may not be taxed (i.e. you can select a service configured to be tax exempt if you don't want the one time transition fee to be taxed)

    • Penalty Charge: an optional charge that can be applied if the transition does not occur within a given grace period. The penalty is applied when the service specified has remained in its current state for longer than the time specified on the penalty charge. E.g. if the penalty charge for a reactivation transition is set to a threshold of 1 Month, then the service specified on the transition/one time charge cannot reside in its suspended state for more than one month or the penalty fee will apply when billing occurs (suspended is just an example here, the service status evaluated would depend on which status transition you selected)

  6. Click the Add button to add the one time/transition charge

  7. Configure additional one-time charges for the same currency or other currencies on the package frequency if desired

  8. Click Save and the one-time charges configured will be added to the package frequency