Deleting Rate Plans

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2020

Note: Typically rate plans should not deleted. If you need to update rates you should:

  1. Import the new rate group(s) with the desired rates, or (if only a few rates need to be updated) clone the rate group which contains the rates you wish to update and modify the rates associated with the cloned group

  2. Attach the newly cloned/imported rate group(s) to the rate plan

  3. Remove the old rate group(s) from the rate plan

  4. Retire the old rate group(s)

If you created a rate plan in error and need to delete it first you will need to ensure it's not connected to other objects in the system (price plans, rate groups, services, packages, package-frequencies, accounts, usage invoicers or owners). Once nothing is using the rate plan you can delete by doing the following:

  1. Locate the rate plan in the Usage Rate Plans list on the left

  2. In the same panel click the (emoji) icon

  3. On the confirmation dialog click Yes to confirm that the selected rate plan should be deleted