Configuring Tiers on Aggregated Rates

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021
  1. On the add/edit usage rate panel under the Tiers tab select if the rate should be bracketed or progressive. Bracket pricing means the rate applied is based upon the tier that the total usage count reaches. For example, if tier 3 on a rate is reached at 20 GB of usage and the price per GB is $0.50 in tier 3, then a user who uses 20 GB of data at the end of their billing period would be billed at $0.50 per GB. Progressive pricing means that rates specified on each tier are applied to the usage consumed that falls within each tier. For example, the first 100 minutes of airtime is rated at the tier 1 rate, the next 100 minutes of airtime is rated at the tier 2 rate, and so on until there is no more usage to rate. Progressive tiers require a counting rule to be specified to function

  2. Specify a counting rule if desired/required

  3. Specify the tiers by defining a Start and End value. The final tier end value must be open ended (not set). When the tiers have been defined enter the rate to apply per tier in the Amount Per Unit fields

  4. Click Save to save the tier configuration