Cloning Rate Plans

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2020

Note: Cloning a rate plan is a quick way to create a new rate plan with a similar configuration to the plan being cloned. Cloning a rate plan will not result in groups under the plan being cloned, nor the rates within the groups. If you wish to clone a rate group and have all of the rates under the group cloned as well then you should use the clone function found on the rate groups screen.

  1. Select the rate plan you wish to clone in the list on the left under the Usage Rate Plans heading or use the Filter text box to filter down to the rate plan you wish to edit

  2. Click the (emoji) action

  3. On the pop-up that appears specify a NameDisplay Name and Amount Precision for the new rate plan.

  4. Click Clone

  5. On the Add Usage Rate Plan panel add, remove and set the order for the groups you require in the new plan

  6. Click Save