Editing Rate Plans

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021
  1. Select the rate plan in the list on the left under the Usage Rate Plans heading or use the Filter text box to filter down to the rate plan you wish to edit

  2. The selected rate plan configuration will be displayed in the Edit Usage Rate Plan panel on the right

  3. Modify the rate plan fields as desired. See the usage rate plans screen help for descriptions on each field

  4. Add or remove rate groups if required

    • To add a rate group to the plan click on the Group(s) To Add drop down list, select all the groups you wish to add in the list and click the + Add button

    • To remove a rate group from the plan click on (emoji) to the right of the rate group and then click (emoji) to confirm that the group should be deleted. Existing groups on the plan that are selected for deletion will be displayed with strike through formatting. If you wish to deselect a group that has been tagged deletion click the (emoji) icon next to it

  5. Define the group priority by clicking the arrows to the left of the group name. The group at the top of the list will be checked first for applicable rates

  6. Click Save to commit your changes