Bulk Transfer/Cancel Account Packages

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2020

Bulk operations permit you to cancel or transfer multiple account-packages at once. Transferred packages are canceled on the source account after they are moved to the target/destination account.

Transfer Requirements

  • The source account-packages transferred to the new account do not need match the target/destination account-packages (e.g. Package A can be transferred to Package B). However, the number of usage based account-services in each package need to match

  • The currency of the source account-packages does not need to match the currency of the target account-packages. However, the currency of the target account-packages do need to match the currency set on the target account

  • The source account-package must be active and not scheduled to be canceled (i.e. the account-package cannot be in a canceled state nor can its effective cancel date be set)

Details that are Transferred

  • Usage identifiers setup on account-services are transferred to the specified target account-services

  • Custom fields setup on account-packages and account-services are transferred to the target account's account-packages and account-services

  • Usage based elements are not transferred to the target account-packages/account-services (e.g. usage buckets, rate plans, share plans)

Performing Bulk Operations

  1. If needed, in the Account Packages panel use the Filter field to narrow down the list of account-packages to display only those that you wish to cancel or transfer

  2. In the Account Packages panel to the right of the packages heading click the (emoji) icon

  3. On the Bulk Operations pop-up that appears select the operations to perform (Cancel or Transfer packages)

  4. Under the Records tab select the packages you wish to cancel/transfer

  5. Click >>Next

  6. If canceling account packages specify an Effective Cancel Date, for transfers specify an Effective Date for the transfer to occur on

  7. For transfer operations indicate the account the account-packages will transfer to under the Transfer To Account field

  8. For transfer operations indicate the target packages, frequencies and services you wish to transfer the selected account-packages to

  9. Click >>Next

  10. Confirm the operation and click Proceed to execute the bulk operation