Adding Share Plan Buckets

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2020
  1. Under the Share Plans heading on the left select the share plan you wish to add a bucket to

  2. Next to the share plan name in the list click the (emoji) button

  3. On the Add Bucket panel to the right populate the bucket details

  4. If you wish to configure contributing and participating values for services applicable to the plan enter these values on the Participating tab. Note: the options presented on this tab will vary depending on the 'Type' value of the bucket (Fixed, Variable Single Tier or Variable Multiple Tier). You can also remove participating services/packages that are not applicable to the bucket by clicking twice on the (emoji) icon to the right of the participating service/package

  5. Click on the Tiers tab to setup a tier or tiers for the bucket. Depending on the bucket 'Type' setting the options on this tab will vary, however a few options will be present regardless of the bucket type configuration. Flat charges can be setup which will apply a fixed charge when the tier is reached, and an optional rate plan can be specified on any tier so that specific rates can be applied to usage that falls within that tier. See the description of the Tiers tab above for more information on these settings

  6. Click Save when you have finished configuring the share plan bucket