Last Updated: Sep 02, 2020

What is a DataFlow?

DataFlows are a way to organize multiple operations in a single transaction. Data flows organize a series of patch calls to create, update, or delete data.

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Transaction Scope

One of the greatest strengths of data flows is the ability to control transaction scope using envelopes. Related operations are placed into a single envelope. Return data from a patch can be used for data in subsequent operations via tokens.

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DataFlow Tokens

DataFlow tokens are variables for use with DataFlows. Like variables DataFlow tokens have a defined scope. Their values can be get or set in the individual patches that make up the DataFlow.

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Debugging DataFlows

In addition to providing error feedback data flows contain features that enable you to debug and validate your JSON. Using the DataFlow validate API or stop on error flag are two such features system integrators will find invaluable.

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