Editing Base Buckets

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2020
  1. Under the Buckets heading on the left click the base bucket you wish to edit

  2. Under the Edit Buckets heading on the right modify the base bucket details

  3. To add, edit or remove bucket details see below:

    • Adding Details: click the + New button and select a class and if applicable location details. After the class has been chosen click Add. The new detail you added will be saved on the bucket when the base bucket is saved

    • Editing Details: click the (emoji) icon to the right of an existing detail on the Bucket Details tab, modify the detail as needed and click Update. The detail changes will be saved when the base bucket is saved

    • Deleting Details: click the (emoji) icon next to the detail you wish to delete. When the (emoji) icon appears click it to confirm the deletion. Existing details on the bucket set to be deleted will appear crossed out in the list and the delete action will occur when you save the base bucket

  4. Click Save to commit your changes to the base bucket