Adding Price Plans

Last Updated: 29 minutes ago

Only one price plan can be added to an account. The (emoji) icon will only be available if no price plans exist on the account. Once a price plan has been added to an account the add price plan icon will be greyed out.

  1. Under the Account Price Plan heading on the left click the (emoji) icon

  2. Under the Add Account Price Plan heading on the right enter the price plan base details. See the edit account price plan panel section for details on each field

  3. To the right of the Price Overrides tab click the (emoji) and on the Add Package modal will appear

  4. On the Add Package modal select the package and package frequency that you wish to override catalog level pricing on. Optionally, you can also define an account specific product code for the package so that multiple price overrides can be configured for the same package. The product codes you setup here will be selectable options when adding packages to the account

  5. Click Add to add the package to the price plan. Repeat the add package steps above if you wish to add additional packages/multiple product codes to the price plan

  6. To override recurring service prices or usage rates for the added packages remain on the Recurring tab and click the (emoji) icon to the left of the package name to expose pricing configuration options. Services with recurring charges under the package will be shown allowing you to set define custom recurring pricing. When a price is modified the amount field will switch to display ‘Catalog: ###’ to let you what the standard catalog price is

  7. To override usage pricing remain on the Recurring tab and click the (emoji) icon to the left of the package name. Services with rate plans configured will display a (emoji) icon allowing you to view and edit the usage rates in the rate plan. If you click on the (emoji) icon then the Edit Usage Rates modal will appear where you can change the rate plan that the service uses and/or adjust pricing per usage rate within the rate plan. Modifying the 'Amount per unit' value here will apply custom pricing on usage rates. When the rate amount value is adjusted this field will indicate what the normal catalog price is

  8. To override prices for one-time charges click on the One-Time tab, If one time charges are setup on the package you will be able to click the (emoji) icon next to the package and adjust the one-time price

  9. When you have added all of the packages and price overrides desired click Save