Adding Base Buckets

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2020
  1. Adding Base Buckets

    1. Under the Buckets heading on the left click the (emoji) icon

    2. Under the Add Bucket heading on the right specify the base bucket details

    3. On the Bucket Details tab click the + New button to add usage class and location details. The details available are explained below:

      • Exclude: allows you to exclude usage from being deducted from the bucket for a particular class of usage or usage related to a specific location. For instance, if you configured a bucket detail for voice class usage in North America and wanted to calls to Hawaii not to deduct allotted usage from the bucket, you would create another bucket detail with a location of Hawaii, a class of 'voice/airtime' and the Exclude option checked. Given this configuration, calls to Hawaii would not deduct airtime minutes from the bucket, instead another airtime bucket would be used (if available) or a rate plan would be searched for in order to charge for the calls to Hawaii that were excluded from using the bucket

      • Class: allows you to specify a class of usage applicable to the bucket. E.g. if this is a data bucket you would select the appropriate data class

      • Location: this option will only appear if the selected class is using the geotree as its rater. The location indicates where the bucket applies, or where the bucket cannot be used if a location is specified and the 'Exclude' option is set. The Location relates to the terminating geotree pattern, not the originating number (i.e. making a call from the location is not relevant, the called number is what is evaluated)

      • Location Group: this option will only appear if the selected class is using the geotree as its rater. Location groups are a collection of locations (e.g. multiple regions, states or countries) which like the location setting above can be selected so that the bucket can be used when calling any one of the locations in the group

    4. repeat the step above to add additional details if needed

    5. Click Save to create the new base bucket