Promo Codes Screen

Last Updated: Fri Nov 03 2023

Promo codes are configured in Setup / Product Catalog / Package / Promo Codes


Promo codes allow you to setup promotions in the product catalog that can be added to services when setting up discounts on services within package frequencies. Promo codes can be setup with a simple discount, for instance, free service for a period of time (days, weeks, months, years) or can be setup with multiple discounts that apply after the previous discount expires (e.g. free service for a month followed by a discounted price for a two month period).

Discounts on promo codes can be configured for every currency setup under the owner. Promo codes can be configured without setting an End Date if desired and re-used as often as needed.

When promo codes are added to services under the package frequencies configuration, you will be able to associate a GL Code with the promo code discount if desired and select the service status that the promotional pricing applies to (for instance, applying a discount only when the service is in an ‘Active’ service status).

Promo codes cannot be modified once they are in use, with the exception of the End Date which can be extended. Promo codes cannot be deleted once they are in use.

Promo Code Application

  • Promo codes discounts are applied last, after any other discounts that are applicable to an account-service are applied

  • A Promo Code can only be added to an account-service prior to billing. Once an account-service has been billed, promo code discounts cannot be applied to it

  • Multiple promo codes can apply to a service, but a single promo code can only apply once to the same service (no duplicates)


Promo codes can be setup in the system immediately, there are no prerequisite configuration steps.

Promo Codes Panel

The Promo Codes panel on the left of this screen allows you to select promo codes to view and edit on the Edit Promo Codes panel to the right. Actions are also available in this panel which are shown as icons above the Filter text box. The available actions are described below.




Deletes the selected promo code (if not in use)

Adds a new promo code

Edit Promo Codes Panel

The information in this panel reflects the currently selected promo code. From here you can change promo code details (note: fields with a magenta left border are required).

Promo Codes Fields:

  • Name: a unique name for the promo code

  • Active: sets the promo code as active or inactive. Active promo codes can be added when configuring discounts on services under package frequencies. Inactive promo codes cannot be added when configuring service discounts

  • Start Date: the date on which the promo code will begin being valid for the service it is configured on

  • End Date: The date when the promotion no longer applies to new account services. This date is editable at any time, so discounts can be extended if desired

  • Description: an optional field typically used to describe the promo code for internal reference

Discounts tab

On this tab you can configure one or more discounts that the promo code will apply when added as a discount to a service. Discounts can be stacked and ordered as needed in order to apply the promotional offering (for instance, 3 months of free service followed by another 3 months of the service being charged at 50% of its normal price).

Discounts can be setup for each currency in the system if desired, and configured using multiple discount types. For instance, ‘Fixed’ (e.g. a $5.00 discount), ‘Percent’ (e.g. 20% off the normal price) or ‘Price’ (a substitute service price applied during the discount period).


Adding Promo Codes

  1. At the top of the Promo Codes panel click the (emoji) icon

  2. Populate the promo code field settings as desired (see the Edit Promo Codes Panel section above for descriptions of each field). Note: the ‘Active’ checkbox cannot be enabled until at least one discount has been configured on a currency

  3. Under the Discounts tab enable the currencies (check the boxes) you wish to configure discounts for

  4. Select the currency you wish to configure a discount on (the selected currency tab will be highlighted)

  5. Specify the Discount Type (Fixed, Percent or Price)

  6. Specify the Period (e.g. ‘1' and 'Month’)

  7. Specify the Amount (note: if the discounted price exceeds the service price then the discounted price will be $0. For example, if a service costs $50 and you configure a fixed discount of $100, then the service charge will be $0)

  8. To add another discount, click the (emoji) button to the right of the Amount field

  9. If you wish to change the order in which the discounts will apply use the (emoji) and (emoji) buttons

  10. If desired, select additional currencies and configure additional currency specific discounts on them

  11. Set the Promo Code as Active if you wish to be able to use it (add it as a discount on services in package frequencies)

  12. Click Save

Editing Promo Codes

Note: Promo codes cannot be modified once they are in use, with the exception of the End Date which can be extended.

  1. Under the Promo Codes heading on the left click the promo code you wish to edit

  2. Under the Edit Promo Codes heading on the right modify the promotion details as needed

  3. Under the Discounts tab modify, delete or reorder discounts configured under each currency as desired. See the Adding Promo Codes guide above for instructions on how to configure discounts

  4. Click Save when finished making changes

Deleting Promo Codes

Note: Promo codes cannot be deleted once they are in use. If you need to ensure a promo code is no longer used (able to be added to services going forward) then select the promo code and uncheck the ‘Active’ option.

  1. Select the promo code you wish to delete in the list on the left under the Promo Codes heading

  2. On the left under the Promo Codes heading click the (emoji) icon

  3. On the confirmation dialog click Yes to confirm that the selected promo code should be deleted