LogiSense Billing 10.6.x Release Notes

Last Updated: Fri May 10 2024

Within these release notes you will find descriptions of new features, enhancements and API changes in the LogiSense Billing application. The content below details changes in major release versions, point release versions and hotfixes. If you have any questions about the information provided below please do not hesitate to contact your LogiSense support representative.

10.6.0 Release Notes

Change Highlights

UI Changes:

  • New AdminPortal UI style and consistency improvements

  • Added support to load the AdminPortal in multiple tabs

  • Modified UI to support refreshing a screen without prompting the user to login again

  • Many UI and API validation fixes and improvements

Product Catalog Enhancements:

  • Product Catalog Discounts

    • Added the ability to configure discounts on services within package frequencies in the product catalog

      • The amount of time a discount is valid is configurable

      • A GL Code can be associated with a discount

      • Discounts can be set to be prorated (start applying mid-period) or not (apply at start of period)

      • Multiple discounts can be added onto a service in a configurable order

      • Discounts can be set to apply automatically through an Order

      • Discounts can be imported into the product catalog

  • Promotion Codes

    • Added the ability to setup promo codes in the product catalog which apply discounts to services

    • Multiple discounts can be setup under a promo code

    • Promo code discounts apply when the promo code is specified at the account-service/account-package level

    • Account-service discounts with a promo code can imported

  • Anniversary Billing

    • Introduced an anniversary billing product catalog option which allows a package and its services to be billed on the same day of the month that the account-package becomes effective by default, instead of billing on the Account's Bill Day

    • Disabling the 'Bill On Account Bill Day' option when configuring packages enables anniversary billing

  • Tax Inclusive Services

    • Added the ability to configure tax inclusive pricing on services, where the price of the service includes the tax amount

    • Tax Inclusive services are supported for all types of service charges (recurring, non-recurring, fees)

  • Service Transition Charge Limits

    • Added a 'Maximum charges per period' field when configuring a transition on a package frequency

    • When set this value will limit for the number of times the transition charge can be applied in a single billing period

  • Package Contract Improvements

    • Added a 'Renew Type' field to the Contracts screen in the product catalog. This field allows you to define what happens when a package contract expires (expire the contract, cancel the account-package, auto-renew the contract or start a new contract)

    • Added a Contract section to the Account-Package Options tab. Any contract configured on the account-package will be shown here along with the contract Start Date, End Date and Renew Type

Share Plan Enhancements:

  • Redesigned the Share Plans screen to fix UI issues and improve performance

  • Added the ability to specify and modify share plan add-on effective dates and cancellation dates

  • Added the ability to configure bracket tiered pricing on share plan add-ons

User Audit Log:

  • Added an Audit Log screen to the Operations menu to track user activities in the system

AvaTax Integration Enhancements:

  • Added the ability to specify company data (Facilities, Regulated, Franchise) when configuring an AvaTax based Tax Vendor

  • Added support for lifeline customers. A 'Lifeline Customer' setting is now available in the Taxes tab on the Account Settings screen

  • Modified AvaTax integrated environments to permit a manual transaction to be entered with a quantity of up to 500,000 if the service in the transaction has a line-based service tax category

Single Sign-On Support:

  • Added the ability to configure SSO using SAML2.0 UserIDs

  • Okta and Azure AD providers supported

  • SAML Settings are accessible on the Owner Configuration screen

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • Billing and rating performance and resiliency improvements

  • Improved invoice rendering performance

  • Improved performance loading the Transactions screen

  • Added a 'View Children' link beneath the account name when an account is loaded to allow direct navigation to child accounts

  • Added the ability to search for parent accounts when performing an account search

  • Added the ability to filter data per each column on the account search results screen

  • Moved the account status into a badge on the account header panel

  • Modified Packages screen so that Package Frequencies are added/accessed on a tab under Packages instead of nested on the left hand menu

  • Modified billing process to store general ledger codes and service tax category values on invoice items at time of billing so that updating these values on Services does not impact results presented in reports

  • Modified percentage values on multiple screens to be displayed as a value from 0 to 100 instead of using a decimal format

  • Modified the Transactions and Credits screens to show GL Code and Service Tax Category fields when adding a manual transaction/credit so that these values can be modified if desired

  • Modified the Transactions screen to set the Posting Date to the current date when adding a manual transaction

  • Modified screens where tiered pricing is displayed to present a 'Click for Pricing' link instead of displaying a price range

  • Removed the ability to delete non-recurring charged services from package frequencies

  • Fixed multiple issues with Advanced Filters on several screens

  • Fixed an issue where menu links were shown to screens that the user did not have permission to view

  • Fixed an issue where an optional service could not be added to an account-package if the package frequency value was adjusted

  • Fixed an issue when editing an account-service where a new usage identifier would not be saved after it had been provided in the Upcoming Change section

  • Fixed an issue where the Allow Quantity option on packages could not be modified when the package was configured with a combination of monthly recurring charged services and non-recurring charged services

  • Fixed an issue where a package frequency could not be deleted if it contained a service with a rate plan configured

  • Modified billing logic for progressive tiers to round the sum of the usage amount instead of rounding individual entries in each tier

  • Fixed an issue where a bill group could not be selected when creating a child account if the account's parent was not configured to receive an invoice

  • Fixed an issue configuring a package on a sales order where the Product Code field would be cleared if the package start date was modified from the current date

  • Fixed an issue where creating a sales order would fail if a package in the order was configured with a product code

  • Fixed an issue that caused the next bill date to be miscalculated when cancelling a postpaid package with a charge remainder term

  • Fixed an issue when creating a price plan where removal of one package from the plan would remove all other packages on the plan

  • Fixed an issue where share plan add-on packages were added to an account multiple times if multiple price books existed with pricing specified for the add-on package

  • Disabled the ability to reverse a transaction if the transaction is part of an invoice that is not in a valid status due to a billing failure

  • Fixed an issue where transition charges were billed using the ServiceID rather than the Charge_ServiceID

  • Improved error handling during invoice generation in the event connectivity to S3 is lost

  • Fixed an issue where voiding an invoice that contained a charge for a backdated optional service would result in an incorrect charge being applied when rebilling

  • Fixed an invoice template issue where invoice tokens contained within a TableStart/TableEnd format returned no data when generating an invoice

  • Added the ability to support hierarchical embedded datasets using custom data sources. This allows an embedded report to be attached to an invoice which contains more than one data source

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate data could appear in reports downloaded in CSV format

  • Fixed an issue where a report could not be generated if a report filter was configured to use a relative date and the Value set on the filter was one of the 'Fiscal Year' options

  • Fixed an issue where reports could contain values that should be filtered out when a filter was configured to use a relative date and the Value set on the filter was one of the 'Quarter' options

  • Fixed an issue with report filters where filtering by date using the 'On' operator could result in a report that contained data for one day beyond the specified date in the filter

  • Fixed a customer portal issue where the login screen did not display any message after attempting to reset a password for a non-active or non-existent portal user

  • Modified logic to remove leading and trailing spaces from usage identifiers when they are stored in the database in order to avoid potential rating exceptions

  • Modified rounding logic to round rated amounts to 11 digits prior to rounding to the specified amount precision value

  • Fixed an issue where unbilled bucket charges from past periods were not getting billed

  • Fixed an issue where rated usage was not bucketed if the rate was rated by the GeoTree and the location was set to 'Everywhere'

  • Fixed several issues where rerating would not occur when an account-service was cancelled or its effective date was changed and the account-service shared a usage bucket with other services

  • Added the ability to import/export multi-layout columnar data profiles

  • Added the ability to support more than one primary layout on a data profile

  • Modified data import logic to return exceptions instead of marking records as duplicates when importing duplicate non-usage based records

  • Added the ability to data import invoiceitems using AccountName or ServiceName as the Target

  • Removed Validation buttons from the Data Profile screen as this feature is non-functional

  • Removed Account Share Plan, Account Share Plan Participation and Account Share Plan Contribution as Data Profile Targets as they are no longer supported

  • Removed Rate Plan Id and Rate Plan Name properties from the PackageServicePricePlan target on Data Profiles as they are no longer valid options

  • Fixed an issue when importing a service-transition price on an account price plan where the penalty charge did not import correctly

  • Fixed a data import issue where an account could not be created by import if account-contact addresses were configured in the address format 'AddressWithCountryZipCode' and the City name wasn't specified in the contact address details

  • Fixed a data profile issue where an upload error would occur when attempting to load an input sample file

  • Modified the Import History screen to only show data imported by API when the 'Switch to API Imports' action is selected

  • Fixed an issue where the country value on a tax code could not be removed once it was set

  • Fixed an issue in AvaTax integrated environments where tax calculation would fail in rare scenarios

  • Added the ability to apply a time zone offset to usage records using a plugin callout

  • Fixed an issue where an unexpected error would appear when attempting to filter webhooks on the Webhook Monitor screen

  • Fixed an issue on the Event Subscription screen where adding a filter with the Usage Attribute value set to 'Order' resulted in no options appearing in the Value field dropdown list

  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Bill Run Schedule Status Type filter from being created on email and webhook binding actions

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the MessageCollector service to fail to collect queued messages until the service was restarted

10.6.0 API Changes

Notice: Unversioned APIs are removed as of this release. If you are using an unversioned Access/Login API you must switch to a versioned login API in order to retrieve an authorization token.

API versions v3 is deprecated as of this release

API Version 8 is introduced in this release

  • Deprecated APIs:

    • Usage/Class/GroupType (Get)

    • Account/Service/Discount/Tracking (Get)

  • Updated APIs:

    • Report/Storage: ReportId removed, ReportDefinitionId changed to not null

    • ReportDefinition: ReportId removed from ReportFilters details

    • ReportDefinition: ReportDefinitionId changed to not null in ReportLayout and ReportStyle details

    • Fixed code to Id resolution failures when updating or patching an entity that supports codes (e.g. CountryCodes, CurrencyCodes, StateCodes)

    • Account/Package: Fixed an issue when adding a service to an account-package with bracket tiered pricing where the UI would not display the correct pricing unless pricing for all of the service statuses was included in the API request

    • v8/Account: added Lifeline { get; set; }

    • v8/Package: Renamed SyncToBillDay to BillOnAccountBillDay

    • v8/Account/Package (Get, Post, Put, Patch): removed TermId { get; set; } and TermName { get; set; }

    • v8/Account/Package (Post, Put, Patch): added Details.PackageTerms

    • v8/Account/Package/{id}/Detail (Get): added Details.PackageTerms, Renamed Details.PackageContract

      to Details.LatestPackageTerm, added Details.LatestPackageTerm

    • v8/Invoice/Item (Get, Post, Put, Patch): added GeneralLedgerId { get; set; } and ServiceTaxCategoryId { get; set; }

    • v8/Package/Service/PricePlan (Get): added packageServiceDiscounts to Detail

    • v8/Package/Frequency (Post, Put, Patch): added packageServiceDiscounts to pricePlans Details

    • v8/Term (Get, Post, Put, Patch): added TermRenewalTypeId { get; set; } and RenewTermId { get; set; }

    • v8/Invoice/Item (Get, Post, Put, Patch): added PreDiscountAmount { get; set; }

    • v8/Invoice/Item/{id}/Detail (Get): added Detail.Discounts GeneralLedgerId { get; set; } and GeneralLedgerName { get; set; }

    • v8/Invoice/Item/Credit (Post): added GeneralLedgerId { get; set; }, GeneralLedgerName { get; set; }, ServiceTaxCategoryId { get; set; } and ServiceTaxCategoryName { get; set; }

    • v8/Account/Package (Post, Patch): added discountPromoCodes to AccountService details

    • v8/Account/SharePlan/{id}/Detail (Get): added Quantity { get; set; } to details, participation, items

    • v8/Account/Package/FromCatalog (Post, Patch): added PackageTerms { get; set; }

    • v8/Invoice/{id}/Detail (Get): added ReportStorageStatusTypeId { get; set; } and ReportStorageStatusTypeName { get; set; }

    • v8/Account/SharePlan (Get): Removed Details.ViewSharePlanBucketUsageByServices (These details are still available through the /Account/SharePlan/BucketUsage/ByService API)

    • v8/Service (Get, Patch, Post): Renamed ‘IsInclusiveTaxes' to 'IsTaxInclusive’

    • v8/Invoice/Item/Credit (Post): added IsTaxInclusive { get; set; }

    • v8/Invoice/Item (Get, Patch, Post): added IsTaxInclusive { get; set; }

    • v8/Package/Service/PricePlan (Get, Patch, Post): added IsTaxInclusive { get; set; }

    • v8/Account/Service (Get, Patch, Post): added IsTaxInclusive { get; set; } and ServiceTaxCategoryId { get; set; }

    • v8/Package/Frequency (Get): added IsTaxInclusive column to PricePlans details

    • v8/Order (Get, Patch, Post): added applyDefaultDiscount to orderPackages details

    • v8/Account/Package/FromCatalog (Post): added applyDefaultDiscount to root

    • v8/Package/Frequency (Get, Post, Patch): added ‘transitionLimit’ nullable int to detail level ‘transitionPrices’

    • V8/Order (Get, Post, Patch): added ‘billDay’ and ‘usageBillDay’ override options to orderPackages details

  • New APIs:

    • v8/Package/Service/PricePlan/{packageservicepriceplanId:int}/DiscountRank (Put)

    • v8/Account/PricePlan (Get, Post, Put, Patch, Delete): packageServiceDiscounts are now added to pricePlans details. If no packageServiceDiscounts are specified then discounts will be copied from catalog

    • v8/Invoice/ByUdrMediated (Get): returns the invoice the UDR was billed to (or if it was billed at all) for the supplied MediatedID

    • v8/Account/Package (Get, Post, Put, Patch, Delete):

      • AccountPackageServiceDiscount:

        • DiscountTypeID, DiscountTypeName, Frequency, FrequencyTypeID, FrequencyTypeName moved to DiscountAmount

        • New columns added: PackageServiceDiscountID, GeneralLedgerID, IsProrated, DiscountName

      • AccountPackageServiceStatusDiscount:

        • Amount moved to DiscountAmount

        • New columns added: DiscountPromoCodeID, DiscountID

      • AccountPackageServiceStatusDiscount details added: List of DiscountAmount

    • v8/Account/SharePlan/id/AddOn (Post)

    • v8/JsonApi/Log/ByRequestTracking/{guid} (Get): Retrieves a single JsonApiLog entry by its RequestTrackingIdentity GUID

    • v8/DataImport/Usage/Feed/{id} (Get)

    • v8/DataImport/Usage/Feed/{name} (Get)

    • v8/DataImport/Usage/Tracking/{trackingId} (Get)

    • v8/DataImport/Usage/Tracking/{trackingId}/Detail (Get)

    • v8//DataImport/Usage/History/{id} (Get)

    • v8/DataImport/Usage/History (Get)

    • v8/DataImport/Usage/History/{id}/Detail (Get)

    • v8/DataImportHistory/Exception/Paged (Get)

    • v8/DataImportHistory/{dataImportHistoryId}/Exception (Get)

    • v8/DataImportHistory/{dataImportHistoryId}/Exception/Paged (Get)

    • v8/ReportDefinition/[guid]/Download (Get): new property string Link { get; set; }

    • v8/ReportDefinition/[id]/DownloadLastGenerated (Get): new property string Link { get; set; }

For additional API documentation please see the API Reference documentation on logisense.com.

10.6.1 Release Notes

  • Added a 'Sync Packages to Start Date' setting on Account Contracts. When enabled this feature will align the next bill date on account-packages to recur in sync with the contract start date

  • Rating performance improvements

  • Fixed an issue which prevented account notes from loading on the Account / Overview screen

  • Fixed a rounding issue that prevented the last cent of a partial refund from being refunded in some scenarios

  • Fixed an issue that prevented a contract from being created when the Renewal Type was set to 'New Contract' due to the New Contract field not being displayed

  • Fixed an issue where child account price plans were not being applied in scenarios where no product code was set or when an account-package's effective date was earlier than the price plans start date

  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect account price plan could be used when billing an account service

  • Fixed an issue where transferring account-packages would fail to complete if any of the packages contained a billing activation service

  • Fixed an issue where re-rating could fail to execute in a rare shared bucket configuration scenario

  • Fixed an issue where an invoice could fail to render when nested tables were configured in the invoice template

  • Fixed an issue where the Accounts and Contacts report failed to return contact data if the contact did not include state/province details

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when attempting to import tax adjustments

API Changes

  • Improved API response performance

  • Fixed an issue which could cause the DataImportHistory/{id}/Detail API to return an incorrect exception list

  • Added:

    • v8/User/{userId}/LoginHistory

    • v8/User/{userName}/LoginHistory

    • v8/User/LoginHistory/metadata Release Notes

  • Improved invoice generation performance

  • Fixed an issue where child accounts did not use rates inherited from a parent account's price plan in some scenarios

  • Fixed an issue where child accounts did not use rates from an account price plan on the child account in some scenarios

  • Fixed an issue where currencies on reports did not correspond to the currency of the account/invoice

  • Fixed an issue where reports would not generate properly if some of the optional report filter values were not defined

  • Fixed an issue where invoice and credit note token values were not displayed properly in some cases when tokens where contained in tables

  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate usage exceptions to be generated when attempting to bulk reprocess exceptions Release Notes

  • Modified Report screens to load the History tab by default instead of loading the previously generated report

  • Added the ability to utilize multiple child data sources in embedded reports

  • Fixed a issue where account billing would fail with a 'Cannot create time period with end' error in a rare scenario involving back billing and modifications to a previously billed prepaid period

  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate emails to be sent in some scenarios

  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate usage exceptions

  • Rating service improvements to handle duplicate records

  • Modified rerating process to rate records without observing a specific order to improve rerating performance

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the same usage record to be rated twice during rerating

  • Fixed a rerating issue that could cause exceptions to remain in a Requires Rerating state and aggregate usage data not to be updated

API Changes

  • Improved timeout error handling when importing usage by API

  • Added validation to prevent an invalid rate plan from being specified in an API request Release Notes

  • Billing performance improvements

  • Fixed an issue where large reports failed to be attached to invoices during invoice delivery in some scenarios

  • Fixed an issue where a service transitioning from a billable to cancelled status did not apply transition charges in some scenarios

  • Fixed an issue where account-package contract term penalties were charged to child accounts using the invoicer account's currency

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect mailmerge tokens were generated when using nested hierarchy datasources

  • Fixed an issue in AvaTax integrated environments where tax was not applied properly when multiple partial reversals were present on one invoice

  • Modified the Single Sign On integration to use the role group set as the SCIM Default when new users are created instead of using the system default 'Read Only Core' role group

  • Fixed an issue where webhook notifications were not triggered after canceling account-packages or account-services Release Notes

  • Improved re-rating performance

  • Improved performance archiving re-rated usage

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an additional transition charge to be applied when billing an optional service that had changed statuses

  • Fixed a disbursement issue where a disbursement would fail with an 'exceeded disbursement amount' error when trying to reverse a recurring credit in some scenarios

  • Fixed an issue where early termination fees were applied when canceling an account-package contract with the waive early termination fees option enabled

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect refunds could be issued when canceling account-packages with billing frequencies greater than one month

  • Removed the References tab from the Product Catalog / Price Books screen to address memory consumption issues

  • Fixed an issue where bulk transferring account-packages to another account would fail when a required custom field was configured on an account-package

  • Addressed a memory issue that could cause usage billing during a bill run to timeout in some scenarios

  • Fixed a billing issue where the invoice delivery process could halt if embedded reports where included in an invoice

  • Fixed an issue where billing would fail with a 'Cannot create time period' error when attempting to bill a child account that included a prorated discount in some scenarios

  • Fixed an intermittent issue that could cause an 'object reference' error to be logged in the bill run history

  • Fixed an issue where rating money buckets using an account price plan's rate plan could fail to apply overage charges when the money bucket was shared across the account-package

  • Fixed a rerating issue which could cause bucket amounts to be inaccurate when rerating was started prior to the account-service's last bill date

  • Fixed an issue where adding a contributing service to an account could result in incorrect bucketing when rerating was triggered

  • Fixed an issue that could cause flat charges on bucket tiers to be applied twice

  • Fixed an issue in AvaTax integrated environments where deleting a credit would not reverse the tax applied

  • Fixed an SSO issue where SCIM users would remain in the SCIM default role group after a new group was configured on the user

API Changes

  • Fixed a rating issue that could cause unexpected exception errors during mediation when importing usage by API