Price Book Regions Screen

Last Updated: Thu Aug 24 2023

Price Book Regions are configured in Setup / Regional Settings / Countries / Price Book Regions


Price Book Regions are used to define the countries that a Price Book covers (for instance, all of Europe). When a price book region is configured and active it can then be selected when setting up price books in the product catalog.

Price books allow packages to be setup with different pricing across multiple currencies in different regions that you define. For instance, using multiple price books you can setup a single package frequency that charges €50 for a product in Spain and €40 for a product in Germany.

For more details on how price books can be configured see the price book screen help and the package frequency screen help.

Specifying Price Books that Accounts can use

The price books that accounts are allowed to purchase products from are defined when configuring account settings. All accounts can purchase products configured with ‘Standard' price book pricing, but all other price books configured in the system cannot be purchased from unless they are permitted (added under the ‘Price Book Regions’ setting on accounts).

For more information on the ‘Standard’ price book see the price books screen help.


  • Price book regions are configured using countries setup in the system. You will need to add additional countries if you wish them to be part of a price book region

Price Book Regions Panel

The Price Book Regions panel on the left of this screen allows you to select existing price book regions to view and edit on the Edit Price Book Region panel to the right. The status of the price book region will also be shown in this panel (Active or Disabled).

Actions are available in this panel which are shown as icons above the Filter text box. The available actions are described below.




Deletes the selected price book region. Price book regions that are in use cannot be deleted

Adds a new price book region

Edit Price Book Region Panel

The information in this panel reflects the currently selected price book region. From here you can change price book region details (note: fields with a magenta left border are required).

Edit Price Book Regions Fields and Options:

  • Name: a unique name that describes the price book region

  • Active: indicates if the price book region is active in the system (can be selected when setting up a price book)

  • Description: a description of the price book region for internal purposes (e.g. a list of all of the countries in the price book)

Countries tab

This section allows you to define the countries that make up the price book region.


Adding a Price Book Region

  1. Under the Price Book Regions heading on the left click the (emoji) icon

  2. Under the Add Price Book Region heading enter a name and set the price book region as active if desired

  3. Under the Countries tab add countries to define the price book region by clicking on the Countries to Add drop down field and select all the countries you wish to be part of the region

  4. Click the +Add button to add all the countries you selected

  5. Click Save

If your new price book region is set as ‘Active’ it can now be configured on the Price Books screen.

Editing a Price Book Region

  1. Under the Price Book Regions heading on the left click the price book region in the list that you wish to edit

  2. Under the Edit Price Book Region section on the right modify the price book region details

  3. Click Save to save your changes

Deleting a Price Book Region

Note: Price book regions that are configured on price books are in use and cannot be deleted. If you wish to prevent a price book region from being used when setting up a price book, simply uncheck the ‘Active’ setting on the price book region.

  1. Under the Price Book Regions heading on the left select the price book region you wish to delete

  2. Under the same Price Book Regions heading on the left click the (emoji) icon (this will be greyed out if the price book region is in use)

  3. On the confirmation dialog that appears select Yes