Setup development environment for .NET 6 in release 10.5.0

Last Updated: Tue Apr 19 2022

as part of 10.5.0 release , v10 solution upgraded from .NET Core 3.1 to .NET 6 Framework

EN-15573 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Requirements for local development :

  • as per Microsoft .Net 6 Framework will not be supported by Visual Studio 2019 , however, our .Net6 migrated solution still working fine using Vs 2019 .
    we strongly recommended using Vs 2022 Professional Editon, as developers will need to install it at their Client Pcs

  • you can start running Visual studio installer using logisense account and install vs 2022

build and running solution :

make sure to clean and build the solution before using this branch , and we always need to do that when switching between .Net core and .Net6 branches

keep in mind both .Net core 3.5 and .Net6 can work beside each other on same local machine, our bin folder will include two folders of each framework to keep switching between branches