Adding and Completing Orders

Last Updated: May 03, 2021

Note: if you are looking to add Orders using Salesforce see the Salesforce User Guide for instructions.

  1. On the Orders screen under the Orders heading click on the (emoji) icon to add a new order

  2. Optional: External Order numbers and Purchase Order numbers can be supplied here if known

  3. Specify the Date of the order

  4. Click the >>Next button

  5. If you wish to utilize a particular price plan to apply customized package pricing then select a Product Code here

  6. In the Package field type in the name of the package you wish to add to the order

  7. Select the package Frequency and specify the package Quantity to be ordered

  8. Select the Status that you wish the services to be in

  9. If the package is configured to allow optional services you can adjust the service Quantity as well, otherwise these values will be uneditable

  10. To add additional packages to the order click the (emoji) icon in the upper right of the Add Order panel and then populate the package and service details as described in the steps above

  11. When all of the packages have been added to the order click >>Next

  12. At the Personalize stage you can adjust service charges for each service under the package. You can also click on the (emoji) icon to the right of the service to adjust package and service settings. Modify the pricing and package/service settings as desired and then click >>Next

  13. Next you can setup additional charges if desired by clicking the (emoji) icon in the upper right of the Add Order panel

  14. Specify the Service, Amount and Detail (what the charge is for) on each charge added and click >>Next when finished adding charges

  15. If the order is being shipped populate the shipping contact details. Click >>Next when you have finished with this stage

  16. The final phase lets you review your order for accuracy. Click the (emoji) icon next to the package to expand and reveal its details. If the order is accurate click the Save button

  17. The draft order will now be listed on the account with an order number. When you are ready to complete the order click on the (emoji) button under the Orders heading

  18. On the Complete Order modal that loads select the desired settings:

    1. Bill Now: bill what is in the order now. If left unchecked the account-packages will not be billed immediately, instead they will be billed when the account is billed

    2. Deliver Invoice: if billing the order, you can also opt to invoice the customer for the order. This option will not be available if ‘Bill Now’ has not been selected

    3. Collect Payments: if billing the order, you can also opt to collect payments (provided LogiSense Billing has been integrated with a payment gateway and the account has an Auto-pay payment method set). This option will not be available if ‘Bill Now’ has not been selected

    4. Currency Exchange: the currency exchange rates you wish to use for this order

    5. GL Posting Date: the general ledger posting date you wish to use for accounting purposes

  19. Click Complete Order when ready and the order will begin to be process

The Status of the order will be displayed in the Orders panel on the left (creating, billing, etc.).