10.2.1-Patch.2 Release Notes

Last Updated: Mar 01, 2021
  • Fixed an issue which caused account-package billed through dates to be set incorrectly after billing the package

  • Improved performance loading package data on the account packages screen

  • Added validation to prevent configuring different accounts in the Subscription Invoicer and Usage Invoicer fields on accounts. Splitting invoices is not currently supported

  • Fixed an issue where backdated account-services that were created and cancelled in the same period would not bill correctly

  • Fixed an issue where voiding invoice charges related to an account-package which contained an optional service and a non-optional service with differing start dates would result in an incorrect next bill date being set on the package

  • Fixed an issue where a non-recurring service charge would be rebilled after canceling the account-package containing the charge and voiding the invoice

  • Fixed an issue where prices in account-packages could not be modified for services that were added by global add-ons

  • Fixed an issue which caused account-package and account-service custom field values not to be displayed on packages in a processed order until the job service was restarted

  • Fixed an issue where custom fields of field type 'Decimal' would return an invalid character error when attempting to enter a decimal value into the field

  • Fixed an issue where billing an order would fail when the order's effective date matched the account's bill day

  • Modified bill run logic to prevent multiple parallel bill runs from billing the same account twice

  • Fixed an issue where non-recurring charges defined in price plans were billed at the catalog price instead of the price set in the plan

  • Fixed an issue where account price plans failed to load when an inactive package frequency was configured on the plan

  • Fixed a tax rounding issue where voiding an invoice that contained a one-time credit charge could cause the account balance to be off by one cent in some scenarios

  • Fixed an issue where activation fees were not applied when transitioning an account-package from New to Active status

  • Fixed an issue where flat charges on share plan buckets were not billed after voiding the invoice which contained the charges and billing the account

  • Fixed an issue where an update failure would occur when attempting to adjust service prices in add-on packages within share plans

  • Modified account contract commitment logic to evaluate commitments by looking at past billing periods for packages, services and usage instead of the current period. Commitment penalties will no longer be applicable to open periods, with the exception of invoice amount commitments

  • Disabled the ability to edit a contract commitment once the commitment period has been completed

  • Fixed an issue where invoice commitment charges on contracts would continue to apply after the commitment period expired

  • Fixed an issue which caused average data usage contract commitment charges to be incorrect

  • Fixed an issue which caused incorrect charges to be calculated for tiered average usage on account contracts

  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate contract commitment penalties to be applied when multiple services or usage classes were configured under contract commitments

  • Fixed an issue where manual payments were not disbursed after invoicing an account

  • Fixed an issue in Spreedly integrated environments where mail merge variable names would be displayed on invoices when the mail merge token contained no value

  • Fixed an issue where auto pay would only be performed for one account when executing a bill run against multiple accounts with auto pay enabled

  • Modified data profiles to support loading package frequencies with tiered prices

  • Fixed an issue where reports using custom data sources could not be generated when a filter was configured on the report

  • Fixed an issue which caused usage exceptions to display an incorrect exception reason

  • Fixed an issue which could cause usage exception processing to become stuck in a processing state

  • Fixed an issue where share plans could not be deleted by API when package level participation was configured on the plan

  • Added API validation to prevent patches from adjusting share plan account service usage buckets, account shareplan contributions and account shareplan participation values

  • Added validation to the UsageBucketSharePlanAPI to prevent contributing amounts from being misconfigured

  • Fixed an issue that caused configured contract commitments to be uneditable by API

  • Modified webhook logic to address a race condition that could cause incorrectly configured subscribers

  • Improved data import performance