Configuring One Time Charges

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2021
  1. Under the Packages heading on the left select the package frequency you wish to configure

  2. Under the Edit Package Frequency heading on the right click on the One Time tab

  3. To the right select the currency you wish to configure one time charges for. Note: you are not required to add the fees to each currency enabled on the package frequency, if you wish to add one time fees for specific currencies only you may do so

  4. Click in the Services field at the bottom of the tab to select the service you want to add a one time charge for and then click the +Add button. Note: only the services on the package which are configured as ‘non-recurring charge’ service types will appear in this list

  5. Set a price on the one time charge. If you have setup tiering on the package frequency then you can click the (emoji) icon to the right of the tier price to configure tiered pricing (e.g. $100 one time fee when 0-9 packages/services exist on the account, $80 fee when 10 or more packages exist on the account)

  6. Configure additional one time charges for the same currency or other currencies on the package frequency if desired

  7. Click Save and the one time charges configured will be added to the package frequency