10.2.1-Patch.1 Release Notes

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2021
  • Modified the account balance to exclude calculating credits that have been reversed

  • Fixed an issue which could cause long load times when accessing the Account Packages screen

  • Fixed an issue introduced in 10.2.1 which caused credit auto-disbursement to apply to the next period's invoice instead of the oldest invoice with a balance

  • Modified billing behavior to proceed with invoicing accounts in scenarios were taxing remains incomplete on accounts in order to prevent billing from being blocked

  • Fixed an issue where a monthly proration charge was applicable when an account-package was added on the same date that it was configured to become effective

  • Modified price plans so that product codes will not appear on child accounts when the child account's currency doesn't match the parent account's currency

  • Fixed an issue where account-package pricing was no longer displayed after the package was configured on a price plan with a product code

  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect price plan could be referenced when applying a non-recurring charge price override

  • Fixed an issue where flat charges on share plan tiers were not applied after voiding an invoice

  • Fixed an issue where a credit set to Show On Credit Note could not be disbursed to an invoice

  • Modified real time taxing behavior in AvaTax integrated environments to proceed with taxing of valid records in a batch when some records in the batch cannot be processed due to error

  • Added error logging in AvaTax integrated environments to indicate the cause when records in a batch cannot be taxed

  • Fixed an issue where charges on the Orders screen could be displayed in currencies that did not match the account currency

  • Fixed an issue which could cause orders to become stuck in a BillingPending state

  • Fixed an issue with billing orders which could result in billing account packages that were not part of the order

  • Fixed an issue where orders which contained postpaid packages with non-recurring charges and future dated effective dates would fail to bill recurring and transition charges related to the package

  • Fixed an issue where setting price overrides on services would result in only those prices being listed on orders

  • Fixed an issue where usage identifiers were being displayed multiple times in invoice statement reports

  • Fixed an issue which could cause report generation failures

  • Updated the Usage v2 data source to return invoice id details so that reports can track invoice items to specific usage charges

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to import an account package which contained a billing activation service would fail in error

  • Fixed an issue which prevented accounts from being deleted using the Account Delete API

  • Modified Delete/Account API to allow accounts to be deleted when a billable contact exists on the account

  • Modified the webhook authentication token Value field to support up to 4000 characters