Notifications Screen

Last Updated: Wed Dec 23 2020

Notifications are found in Home / Notifications


This screen provides notifications related to system events (a report has been generated, a bill run has completed, etc.). Notifications are unread (shown in bold) until selected, they will then be marked as read.

Notifications Panel

The Notifications panel on the left of this screen shows all read and unread notifications that have been generated. Selecting a notification on the left will allow you to view notification details on the Edit Notifications panel to the right. Actions are also available in this panel which are shown as icons above the Filter text box. The available actions are described below.




Marks the notification as unread

Deletes the selected notification

Edit Notification Panel

The information in this panel reflects the currently selected notification. From here you can view notification details (explained below)

Notification Fields:

  • Type: the notification type. This will be of type 'Message' when the notification includes a detail message (e.g. a 'a bill run has completed' notice) and of type 'Report' when the notification relates to a report being generated

  • Status: indicates if the notification has been read or has not been read (in 'Delivered' status)

  • Created Date: the date and time that the notification was created

  • Detail/Report: for notifications of type 'Message' this will be a 'Detail' field which describes the event that occurred (e.g. 'Bill Run with Name 'Default' and Scheduled Start '7/29/2020 7:57:02 PM' for Period '7/1/2020' to '8/1/2020' is Complete'). For notifications of type 'Report' the report that was generated will be displayed