Creating a database view

LogiSense Billing has number of out-of-the-box views which can be leveraged for creating data sources. Our philosophy is to provide you with a lot of columns at the view level which can then be pared down at the data source and ultimately sorted and filterd by the report according to your business needs. LogiSense will work with you to create custom views.

Please find a list of commonly used views below:

Statement of AccountTransactional and invoice summary
UsageIndividual rated usage event details
Invoice SummaryDetails grouped by invoice
SalesA list of all transactional lime items
Product CatalogDetails of all offerings
AccountList all accounts with subscriptions and contacts
Data AllowanceUsage allowance by account and bucket/share plan
Account ContractContract details grouped by account
TaxLists all taxed amounts with account and tax category details
Accounting ExportTransaction level detail to be imported by financial system
Payments and CreditsLists payment and disbursement details grouped by account
Aged BalanceLists balance due by account and days late