System / Country

What can you do with SystemCountry?


Property Details
"id": 755
Type: Number
This is the unique numeric identifier for the SystemCountry
"name": "Hello World"
Type: String
"sortOrder": 605
Type: Number
"countryCode": "Hello World"
Type: String

Update Request Filters

When updating an object you use the update request header with the list of properties to update. Then you need only supply the new values in the body of your request. Please note, this header can only be used with PUT or PATCH requests.

Field List:

  • name
  • sortOrder
  • countryCode

Patch Types

The PATCH verb allows you to update an object. Just like a put, you only need to supply the fields that will be updated in the payload. However, a patch allows you to update many objects at once.

PATCH operations can be used as a standard API call or nested within the envelope of a DataFlow. Below you will find the child objects that can be updated as part of PATCH operations for the SystemCountry object.

Standard PATCH objects:

DataFlow PATCH objects:

End Points

Retrieve all of the SystemCountry objects.
Retrieve all of the meta data details of the SystemCountry object.
Retrieve all the meta data details of the SystemCountry object based on provided options.
{option}Metadata options for the SystemCountry object.
Retreive all of the SystemCountry objects in a paged fashion.
Retreive all of the SystemCountry objects in a paged fashion with all object details.
Retrieve an instance of the SystemCountry object by it's ID.
{id:int}Unique identifier for the SystemCountry object.
Retreive all of the Detail objects for the specified SystemCountry.
{id:int}Unique identifier for the SystemCountry object.