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Can Rev.io Scale With Your Business?

As your organization grows and scales you you need a billing solution tailored to fit your roadmap. The LogiSense cloud billing platform allows your business to get started quickly and scale with your business. Launch products faster and go-to-market with unlimited configurable billing scenarios.

Are You Looking For Real-Time Accurate Usage Charges?

Don’t let rigid and manually calculated usage charges ruin your customer relationships. LogiSense can accurately calculate usage charges in real-time and at scale, managing even the most complex usage collection and rating scenarios. Data, API Calls, minutes, text messages, downloads - if you can dream it, we can bill it!



Can Rev.io Integrate With All Of The Critical Components Of Your Business?

Built from the ground up as a Restful API first microservices architecture, native to the cloud, LogiSense offers productized integrations with Salesforce, webhooks notifications as well as 100% coverage for API functionality.

When you switch from Rev.io to LogiSense you get the freedom to introduce innovative usage based pricing models at scale, on demand.

Real-time Usage Visibility & Reporting
Low-Code/No-Code Visual Mediation Design
Personalized Usage Pooling/Sharing
Modern Cloud Native Architecture With An API-First Design
Dynamic Contract Enforcement

LogiSense Helps Customers Monetize The Usage Economy®

LogiSense's automation engine enables you to easily automate "pay for what you use" billing so that no revenue is left on the table.

LogiSense's rating & mediation capabilities adapt to any business scenario or industry, allowing you to stay competitive as you grow your business.

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  • G2 reviewers felt that LogiSense meets the needs of their business better than Rev.io.
  • When comparing quality of ongoing product support, G2 reviewers felt that LogiSense is the preferred option.
  • For feature updates and roadmaps, G2 reviewers preferred the direction of LogiSense over Rev.io.
G2 High Performer

LogiSense vs. Rev.io

(G2 Crowd Subscription Billing Ratings Spring 2021)


Connect And Extend LogiSense Billing To Perfectly Fit Your Business

LogiSense works with your favorite apps and web services to help you do more with your billing.


Providing Flexible Billing Options To Leading Global Businesses

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