Entitle, Measure and Recognize
Enterprise Grade Billing for your Business

Enterprise Billing

Configure product entitlements and manage complex contract commitments and roll out schedules to ensure your billing system can match how you sell your services. Ensure you're meeting your GDPR compliance and have full visibility of all access through user audit logs.

Revenue Recognition

Configure your revenue recognition rules per chargable line item to provide granular level visibility per charge instead of only per product.

Flexible Invoicing

Once you have your communications designed the way you like, you can then choose which format you want to deliver. PDF and HTML formats provide a flexible delivery format for your rich content.


Product Catalog Flexibility

Flexibility to meet Product Manager demands on creative pricing. Easily define separate chargable items and then organize them into different product offerings with specialized pricing. Recurring fees, one time charges, usage inclusions and specialized rate plans.


LogiSense's 2-tier structure creating products as a combination of multiple services creates extreme flexibility for creative pricing to beat your competition.

State Based Pricing

Define different prices for your subscriptions based on the state of the service. Configure state pricing for the lifetime of service entitlements.


Configure your product catalog pricing in multiple or one base level currency. Customers will be invoiced either set pricing for their currency or based on an exchange rate.

Product Catalog Screen
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LogiSense's billing platform is entirely API driven where the full system is exposed as available RESTful APIs. Anything the system is capable of can be called by a 3rd party.



Call multiple RESTful API calls in sequence using variables and scope multiple API calls into envelopes that participate in a transaction. If any API call fails all API calls in the Envelope are rolled back.



Microservices architecture is entirely queue driven allowing for tailoring of individual services to be scaled as business needs require. As event queues meet thresholds new processes are spawned.



Subscribe to data model events to trigger webhook callbacks to existing systems. Automate back office processes by triggering enterprise events when billing system data changes.

API First Methodology

LogiSense provides an extensive integration platform utilizing Token based access with granular API permissions. Every integrating application has its own identifier and all API calls are logged in the event log.

Developer Tooling

Integration can be challenging, that's why LogiSense has built in developer and diagnostics tooling right into the platform itself. From trying APIs to testing data imports and transformations.

Built in Test Framework

Creating test cases to execute your integration tasks and vailidate your automation processes is built right into the tooling. You use the same tools as we do to test API integration use cases.

API Tooling

Reporting & Analytics Framework

We believe that all of your billing data is important and should be instantly available. Powerful reporting tools have been developed to put the flexibility of collecting data, exporting and transforming it into visuals at your fingertips.

Data Sources

A powerful set of report data sources come pre-configured which provide the billing data for many possible reports. If there is a special view of the data required, a custom view can be created.

Report Builder

Many core reports are provided as part of a standard deployment. The report builder tool allows you to create any custom report you desire with preview functionality.

Charts & Dashboards

The report builder allows you to configure a view of data as a chart to be viewed as a report or added to a dashboard. Create system or account level dashboard widgets to visualize your data.

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Finance Details

Financial Integration

Integrating with your financial software package of choice is a common deployment task. LogiSense has performed many financial integrations with packages such as SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks, Sage and more.

Batch Export

One of the most common integrations is to perform a batch export of financial data based on a timed interval, a specified format, and delivered to a desired location.

API Integration

If the financial system has the capability for direct API integration, and the business need requires it, LogiSense has provided various direct API integations with financial systems.

Security & Privacy

A Billing Platform processes and stores sensitive data. Service providers expect that the data is treated in a secure manner with applicable levels of governance.

Layered Security

EngageIP uses a layered approach for Security by combining various methodologies to achieve the highest level of security without unduly impacting the user experience.

Hosting Security

The LogiSense private cloud solution is hosted on the AWS hosting environment. LogiSense hosting environment is SSAE16 and ISO/IEC 27001 compliant and offers extensive protection of data, guards against service interruptions.



Activity from all users including administrators is logged without exceptions. All logging is done locally and stored in the database. Logs cannot be deleted without having the requisite permissions.

All API calls are logged with complete visibility into the call request details and responses. This ensures that a complete audit trail of all operations in the system is retained and available for audit at a later time.