Internet of Things

The Internet of Things space has its own unique requirements to meet many use cases in industrial, health care, logistics and the communications backbone MVNO and LPWAN providers.

Device State Management

LogiSense provides the flexibility to configure state specific subscription pricing for devices to ensure that the billing system is working in lockstep with your OSS platform.

Share Plans

Pool device usage across single, or multiple, accounts. Both fixed and variable share plans are available. Configure devices to contribute to (and pull from) a pool of shared usage.


Cash Register

Bill on First Use

Ship devices hot, allow for testing periods, and start billing your customer when the device is first used. Manage the multiple states of the device and define which thresholds need to be met before billing begins.

Per-Connection Ramp Up Schedules

Create contracts that provide per-connection ramp up schedules for devices to be activated. Ensure that penalties are applied when your customer undercommits on their contract obligations.


Easily manage complex usage rating and mediation scenarios. Whether it be a simple rate deck or tens of thousands of rates, LogiSense has the rating engine and rate management system to organize and price your products.

Taxation Solutions

Communications taxation can be a challenge to manage and maintain. LogiSense has partnered with the industry specialists to provide flexible global taxation solutions.

Conditional Rating

Whether you have location specific rates, on-net, off-net or conditional rates based on time of day, custom logic or specific rounding rules; LogiSense's conditional rating engine allows for classification and charging of any kind of usage.

Usage Rates

Communications Details

Quickly Launch New Products

LogiSense's 2-tier product catalog allows Product Managers to define, configure and bring new products to market faster than your competitors. Don't let your billing system hold you back from launching a product to meet a market opportunity.

Billing as a Service

Quickly grow your channel partner and reseller organizations by eliminating their overhead of a billing system. Provide billing as a service to unburden your channels to grow quicker!

Payment Processing

LogiSense can provide a PCI DSS Level 1 Certified hosting infrastructure to meet your business needs. Our customers have enjoyed the benefits of billing integrations with many different Payment Processors.

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Configure product entitlements and manage complex contract commitments and roll out schedules to ensure your billing system can match how you sell your services. Ensure you're meeting your GDPR compliance and have full visibility of all access through user audit logs.

Product Tiers

Product Tiers

Creative pricing tiers based on enterprise size. Right size what your customers are billed based on what they use for the billing period.

Revenue Recognition

Revenue Recognition

Configure your revenue recognition rules per chargable line item to provide granular level visibility per charge instead of only per product.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on

Configure granular role based permissions for users of the system and enjoy identity provider initiated single sign-on via SAML.

Access Logs