Mediate, Rate, and Charge

Any Service, Any Network, Any Provider

Freedom to Meter, Measure and Monetize Any Type of Service

LogiSense empowers service providers – whether connecting users, devices, systems or machines – to monetize today’s digital services, gain competitive advantage, maximize efficiency and drive growth with the most-flexible real-time usage and rating platform.

We’re recognized for our revolutionary usage rating and subscription billing solutions that are service, network, and provider agnostic. Our flexible platform allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to meter, measure, and monetize the services their customer’s desire.

Real-time usage rating, monetization and subscriber management doesn’t have to be complicated. LogiSense’s straight-forward, fully-automated and seamlessly integrated solutions break down the barriers of back office complexity—making it simple to quickly and easily create and deploy the personalized services your customers desire.


The LogiSense Communications solutions allow today’s service providers to adjust quickly to market demands and changing technologies so that they can go to market quickly with the next generation of communications services, plans, volumes and bundling options that subscribers demand. LogiSense makes it easy too, with carrier-grade solutions available in the cloud or hosted in your own data center.


Transparency and an enhanced customer experience are at the heart of the deployment. xMatters is committed to broadening the usage visibility and value our customers receive in the interest of improving their overall self-service capabilities and options – LogiSense is helping us achieve this goal.

Laura Horvath, VP Corporate Operations, xMatters

Internet of Things

The LogiSense Internet of Things (IoT) solution provides the critical scalability and flexibility that is needed to automate, optimize and simplify today’s IoT business models. As the only real-time billing and revenue management solution capable of supporting complex IoT value chains, our solution is able to handle any IoT service and tremendous volumes of devices.

Numerex Internet of Things

At Numerex, we leverage the LogiSense system for some key billing and BSS functions in our managed solution service offerings. This enables our business to become more agile and increases our speed to market to roll out innovative offerings and adapt to the explosive growth in the IoT/M2M ecosystem. The end-to-end converged billing capabilities of the LogiSense system gives us operational efficiencies that accelerate the business results we desire.

Sri Ramachandran, CTO – Numerex


LogiSense Enterprise solutions support the most complex billing needs for any type or size of enterprise by providing a precise, flexible, industry-agnostic platform in a single solution that scales in accordance with the growth of your business, enabling longevity and new revenue opportunities.


In delivering exceptional digital voice service to providers across the country, it is imperative that we have trusted partners who deliver a significant value-add in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Working with LogiSense enables us to avoid costly delays resulting from integration problems and issues with interoperability, as well as operational expenses. LogiSense, which also has extensive experience running BroadSoft’s BroadWorks® platform, brings an unparalleled track record to this relationship, and we look forward to working with their team.

Kelly Windham, Director of Billing of Momentum Telecom