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Fleet Management Billing Solution

Fleet Management Solutions are designed to help fleet operators gain visibility into metrics such as vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage and other telematics data. Full visibility into these metrics help operators to reduce their capital and ongoing costs, improve workforce productivity and increase their revenues.

Many Fleet Management solution providers have embraced and delivered Product-as-a-Service offerings for the purposes of providing their customers with a mechanism to lease their trackers as opposed to outright owning them.

For Operators this includes several benefits including:

  • Keeping the maintenance of the device as the responsibility of the solution providers 
  • Allowing for online upgrades to enable new features 
  • Removing the burden of large upfront capital costs during startup


For Solution Providers this leads to: 

  • Predictable recurring revenues being established over long term contracts with SMB and Enterprises 
  • Gaining insight into device usage and other data points which can be used to generate additional revenue streams


Back Office Challenges Addressed

Combat increasing competition and price erosion
Expand internationally
Monitor device usage for taxation purposes
SMB vs. Enterprise Business Models
Drive new revenue streams through analytics data
Agility in responsiveness to adjust to changes in technology and customer demand
Automate, Optimize and Simplify your Fleet Management Business Models

LogiSense is leading the way in solving the most complex monetization requirements of the connected economy. Through the LogiSense usage rating and billing capabilities, Fleet Management solution providers are able to fully integrate our real time billing solution into existing fleet management products. This integration provides full featured offerings that maximize revenues while providing the best customer experience possible.

Key Attributes

  • Fast time to revenue with the rapid introduction of new fleet management services with our service agnostic platform 
  • Self-serve care that integrates into existing fleet management products and allows customers to monitor Fleet usage, receive service level alerts, compare offers and better manage costs completely online 
  • Flexible business models including support for postpaid, prepaid, one-time and recurring subscriptions, as well as consumption based billing models 
  • Localized billing with our multi-tenant application that enables localized product catalogs, language, billing and taxation support for any market around the globe 
  • Personalized offer management allows your teams to create compelling offers for your enterprise customers that will stand out from your competitors, increase your market share and provide a better customer experience and increases renewal rates 
  • Usage analytics convert real time subscriber usage behavior into actionable data for up-selling services on top of existing subscriptions


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