Customized Recurring Revenue Management Aligned With Your Business

Finance Operations

For finance teams, keeping track of revenues when transforming to a “as-a-Service” model can be daunting.

The LogiSense financial solution creates policies inline with your specific business models to allot revenue correctly, while seamlessly integrating into your existing financial systems.

LogiSense’s SKU-based general ledger enables you to report on and monitor key performance indicators by Product and Service.

Recognizing Recurring Revenue

The LogiSense solution automates requirements for deferred and earned revenue while giving you visibility into your outstanding balance at any moment in time, at all levels of the business.

Finance Integrations

LogiSense works with the industry’s leading ERP solution providers including SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Quickbooks and Microsoft to provide you with a seamless integration into existing finance systems to work towards recognizing recurring revenues.

Revenue Leakage Controls

The LogiSense solution allows service providers to automatically tie dunning rules and credit ratings to the activation status of your products and services.

In addition to sending notifications and reminders to customers at different stages in the dunning cycle, send trigger alerts to suspend access to a service until the collections process is finished.

The LogiSense solution allows you to set-up workflows that implement the business process you desire, all to protect your bottom line.


Take the sting out of tax calculation and compliance. LogiSense provides a native taxation solution, paired with partner solutions from Avalara and SureTax, which appropriately matches tax codes to transactions based on any number of attributes.

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