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Enterprise Billing Solution

The proliferation of emerging technologies such as cloud and SaaS has created a highly complex environment, with an ecosystem of consumers and businesses generating huge volumes of transactions that require metering, measuring and ultimately monetization.

There is no mistake in saying that there is a tremendous opportunity for enterprises to grow their business and reap the rewards with new revenue streams and more prolonged customer relationships.

However, many enterprises have gotten tired of conventional billing and monetization systems that just don’t provide them with the right mix of feature functionality, customer service and pricing.

Fortunately, the LogiSense Usage Rating and Subscription billing system provides a complete, end-to-end order to cash solution that enables enterprises to monetize any service, across any medium with any type of business model.

The benefits of adopting the solution include:

Usage metering for any type of service, event or transaction
Personalize pricing and contract terms for any customer type or segment
Revenue recognition reporting for AS 606 / IFRS 15 compliance
Automate billing, payments and dunning rules to prevent revenue leakage
Global localization, taxation and currencies for any market
Scalability, security and subscriber privacy with API support

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