Improving the Business Case for New Connected Car Services

Monetizing Connected Cars

Driven by the near ubiquity of high bandwidth cellular networks and the availability of constantly connected devices, many automakers and service providers are leveraging infotainment, telematics and advanced navigation services to help attract new customers.

Driven by consumer demand to always be connected, many automakers are leveraging connected car services to establish a recurring relationship with their customers that goes beyond the initial point of sale of the vehicle.

For service providers, leveraging their core asset capabilities in terms of rating, charging and recurring billing closely matches the requirements of the emerging connected car business models.

With LogiSense’s highly scalable billing solution, EngageIP, any business focusing on the world of Connected Cars has the opportunity to integrate EngageIP into their back-office to automate billing for the data-driven connected world.

Connected Car Use Cases

Remote Auto-Companion Apps

Remotely access in-car entertainment systems

In-car Infotainment Apps

Add dynamic apps to the entertainment systems

Automotive E-Commerce

Buy insurance, ebooks, and other services, directly from the car

OEM Diagnostics

Keeping the driver informed about the conditions of their vehicle at all times while also sending telematics data to OEM for proactive maintenance

4G/LTE Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Offering tiered usage subscriptions to act as connection points for passengers

Meeting Customer Expectations

Supporting these new services will require a shift from simple, flat subscription-based business models to more sophisticated ones. The consumer will be looking for simple pricing models that represent the value-driven service.

This includes offering:

  • Trial services for a certain amount of time or usage before making a purchase decision 
  • Freemium solutions where the basic service is provided at no cost, with the option to purchase additional functionality 
  • One time charges for single services that sit on top of an existing subscription 
  • Cross subsidy billing options where the increased revenue of the services offsets the cost of service activation and delivery
LogiSense’s Billing Solutions

Following the pattern of new evolution, LogiSense’s flexible, scalable billing solution addresses all the needs of these new business demands, such as:

  • Integrated charging capabilities for everything from connectivity to content and service delivery costs 
  • Managing multiple revenue streams for a complex value chain of automakers, service providers, and 3rd party application developers 
  • Billing and invoicing for B2B components as well as the final end-user (B2C or B2B or B2B2X) 
  • Payment and collections 
  • Customer care
LogiSense Connected Car Solution
Connected Car Billing

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